• Digital & Interactive Media

    Students study digital and interactive media and its application in information assesses current and emerging technologies while designing and creating multimedia projects that address customer needs and resolves problems. Knowledge and skills acquired will enable students to successfully perform in a technology driven society.

    Course Overview 

    Unit 1: Design and Presentation Principles
    The Art of Type
    Color Theory
    Emerging Technologies
    Unit 2: Digital Illustration
    Writing a Movie Script
    Unit 3: Digital Graphics and Image Manipulation
    Photo Editing Basics
    Image Resolution
    Create a Mascot
    College and Career Poster
    Unit 4: Desktop Publishing
    Introduction to Publishing Layouts
    Master Pages
    Unit 5: Video and Audio Production
    Introduction to Audio Recording
    Digital Audio Editing
    Video Transfer
    Exporting Video Files
    Unit 6: Animation
    Basic Animation
    3-D Effects
    Layer Masking Project
    Typing on a Path Project
    Unit 7: Portfolio
    Career Exploration
    Video Production