• Remind.com is a free, downloadable app that works with any phone, tablet, or computer. It may be used on both android and mac devices and is used to communicate with teachers, coaches, parents, and students. ALL STUDENTS will be required to be enrolled into our class remind.com group. It is highly encouraged that parents/guardians sign up for the remind.com group as well. If having your student enrolled in our remind.com group is an issue, please call or email me so that we may discuss it further. This is the most effective way to reach me during school, as well as after hours. Questions, concerns, comments are sent directly to my phone via the remind.com app, which I am very quick to respond to. I will on occasion send group messages out reminding everyone of test dates, project deadlines, to bring in permission slips, or any other pertinent information as it pertains to the class. This app is primarily here for you as parent/guardians to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.
    This link will take you to the remind.com class set up with instructions on how to join the group. You will need to download the remind.com app on your electronic device.
    If you prefer to not have the app on your device, you can also:

     text @edhist1718 to the number 81010

    This will enroll you into the group and will allow you to send and receive messages as you would with any other text messages
    Thank you for investing in your child's future by remaining engaged in their education!
    Coach Edwards