• 3rd Nine Weeks

    Week 8: February 26 - March 2








    Week 7: February 19 - February 23

    Monday: Student Holiday - No School

    Tuesday: Student Holiday - No School





    Week 6: February 12 - February 16

    Monday: Denisty Calculations & Identifying Unknown Substances
    HOMEWORK: Math Connections
    Tuesday: Review of Lab Safety
    Wednesday: CBA - Calculating Density and Identifying Unknown Substances - Day 1
    Thursday: CBA - Calculating Density and Identifying Unknown Substances - Day 2 
    Friday: CBA - Calculating Density and Identifying Unknown Substances - Day 3

    Week 5: February 5 - February 9

    Monday: Evidence of Chemical Changes
    HOMEWORK: Physical and Chemical Changes worksheet
    Tuesday: Reaction in a Bag
    Wednesday: Density Intro
    Thursday: Calculating Density
    Friday: Calculating Density
    Week 4: January 29- February 2
    Monday: Comparing Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
    HOMEWORK: Color By Element
    Tuesday: Comparing Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
    Wednesday: Comparing Metals, Nonmetals, and Metalloids
    Thursday: Physical vs. Chemical Changes
    Friday: Physical vs. Chemical Changes
    Week 3: January 22- January 26
    Monday: Finish Elements and Compounds Stations
    HOMEWORK: Reading Science STEMscopes- 6.5ABC "Few Elements, Many Compounds"
    Tuesday: Elements and Compounds Quiz/District CBA
    Wednesday: Physical Properties
    Thursday: Metals/Nonmetals/Metalloids
    Friday: Metals/Nonmetals/Metalloids

    Week 2: January 15 - January 19

    Monday: No School - MLK Day


    Tuesday: No School - Inclement Weather

    Wednesday: Elements and Compounds Intro

    Thursday: Elements and Compounds Stations

    Friday: Elements and Compounds Stations


     Week 1: January 8 - January 12

    Monday: Welcome Back Game/Social Contract Review

    HOMEWORK: Create a mini-poster using one of the 7 words on our social contract (respect, honesty, fair, responsible, ) to illustrate its meaning. You may use an acrostic poem, comic strip, picture, etc. Be creative and use color!

    Tuesday: Growth Mindset/Goal Writing/CHAMPs review

    Wednesday: Team Building

    Thursday: Chemistry Intro

    Friday: Chemistry Intro

    2nd Nine Weeks

    Week 9: December 18- December 22
    Monday: Energy Resources Review- Kahoot!
    Tuesday: Energy Resources CBA
    Wednesday: Energy Resources CBA
    Thursday: No Place for Hate Activities- Early Release
    Friday: Winter Break Begins
    Week 8: December 11- December 15
    Monday: Energy Resource Research
    HOMEWORK: STEMscopes Reading Science A from 6.7AB Energy Sources (Periods 1, 4, 5)
                          STEMscopes Reading Science C from 6.7AB Energy Sources (Period 8)
    Tuesday: Create Google Slides Presentation with Energy Resource Research
    Wednesday: Create Google Slides Presentation with Energy Resource Research
    Week 7: December 4- December 8
    Monday: Hour of Code
    HOMEWORK: Coding Writing Reflection (see below)

    On your own piece of paper, write an essay about the following:

    • Describe your coding experience today.
    • Which game did you choose and why?
    • What kind of careers involve coding?
    Tuesday: Intro to Energy Resources: Power Up the House Game
    Wednesday: Intro to Energy Resources
    Thursday: Energy Resource Research
    Friday: Energy Resource Research
    Week 6: November 27 - December 1
    Monday: Finish Titan Speedway Lab work
    HOMEWORK: Simple Machines TEKS 6.8E Pre-Assessment (STEMscopes)
    To get to STEMscopes: Go to Tippit Website, select "For Students", select "Class Link", Log in and select "STEMscopes", Complete the "Pre-Assessment from 6.8E Inclined Planes and Pulleys" and "Turn In" when you are finished.
    Tuesday: Simple Machines Web Quest
    Wednesday: Simple Machines Web Quest
    Thursday: Simple Machines Web Quest
    Friday: Finish Simple Machines Web Quest
    Week 5: November 13- November 17
    Monday: Finish Speed Booklet
    HOMEWORK: Calculating Speed Homework
    Tuesday: CBA Part 2
    Wednesday: Titan Speedway Lab
    Thursday: Titan Speedway Lab
    Friday: Titan Speedway Lab


    Week 4: November 6- November 10
    Monday: Motion Graph Story Matching
    HOMEWORK: Study Guide
    Tuesday: Forces and Motion Graphs Test
    Wednesday: Calculating Speed
    Thursday: Calculating Speed
    Friday: Calculating Speed
    Week 3: October 30- November 3
    Monday: Balanced & Unbalanced Forces
    HOMEWORK: STEMscopes Pre-Assessment (6.8BCD)
    Tuesday: Motion Graphs
    Wednesday: Motion Graphs
    Thursday: Motion Graphs
    Friday: Motion Graphs Quiz
    Week 2: October 23- October 27
    Monday: Heat Transfer Stations
    HOMEWORK: Thermal Energy
    Tuesday: Heat Transfer Stations
    Wednesday: Heat Transfer Stations
    Thursday: Forces
    Friday: Forces: Balanced and Unbalanced
    Week 1: October 16- October 20
    Monday: Heat Transfer
    HOMEWORK: STEMscopes Reading Science 6.9AB
    Tuesday: Heat Transfer
    Wednesday: Methods of Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation
    Thursday: Heat Transfer Stations
    Friday: Heat Transfer Stations


    1st Nine Weeks


    Week 8: October 2- October 6
    Monday: PE/KE Stations
    HOMEWORK: Potential and Kinetic Energy Practice Sheet
    Tuesday: Potential and Kinetic Energy Assessment
    Wednesday: Forms of Energy
    Thursday: Forms of Energy
    Friday: Student Holiday


    Week 7: September 25-September 29
    Monday: Journal Updates/Intro to Energy
    HOMEWORK: STEMscopes Potential/Kinetic Energy Reading Science A (Core) & Reading Science C (PAP)
    Tuesday: Potential/Kinetic Energy - Rollercoasters
    Wednesday: Potential/Kinetic Energy - Skate Park
    Thursday: Potential/Kinetic Energy Stations - Day 1
    Friday: Potential/Kinetic Energy Stations - Day 2
    Week 6: September 18-September 22
    Monday: Fall Pictures
    Homework: Variables Assignment on Google Classroom
    Tuesday: Gummy Bear Lab Day 1
    Wednesday: Gummy Bear Lab Day 2
    Thursday: Gummy Bear Lab Day 3
    Friday: Gummy Bear Lab Conclusions/Graphing
    Week 5: September 11-September 15
    Monday: Measuring Mass
    Tuesday: Measuring Volume
    Wednesday: Measuring Volume by Displacement
    Thursday: Measurement Lab
    Friday: Measurement Lab
    Week 4: September 4-September 8
    Monday: No School
    Tuesday: Review Lab Safety
    Wednesday: Safety Quiz
    Thursday: Begin Unit 2
    Friday: Observation/Inference
    Week 3: August 28-Sept 1
    Monday: Science Journal Set-Up
    Tuesday: Intro to Lab Safety
    Wednesday: Lab Safety
    Thursday: Lab Safety Wanted Poster (Core)/Lab Safety Comic Strip (PreAP)
    Friday: Complete Wanted Poster/Comic Strip
    Week 2: August 21-25
    Monday: Classroom Procedures
    Tuesday: Innovative Introductions
    Wednesday: Social Contracts
    Thursday: Team Building
    Friday: Science Journals
    Week 1: August 17-18
    Thursday: Welcome!
    Friday: Titan Expectations