• Weekly Kindness Challenges:

    September 11-15

    Think of ways you can be a good friend:  Try a new way each day this week

    Our big idea is Friendship!  There are many ways to be a good friend or be friendly.  Brainstorm with your classmates for ideas 


    September 18-22:

    Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated: Being respectful of others is very important.

    Everyone has important things they would like to say. Practice saying excuse me this week when needing to interrupt others when they are talking.


    September 25-29:

    Active Listening to others:

    Being respectful of others is very important.  When someone is telling you something, be kind to them by using good eye contact (looking them in the eye), and giving them your full attention.   When you are in class,  raise your hand to speak and wait your turn so that others can listen to the teacher.

    October 2-6:

    Positive Problem Solving when you disagree with a classmate.

    Instead of tattling on a classmate, Challenge yourself to use your problem solving skills to work our your problems together in a respectful way (Use Kelso's Wheel or Choose 2 and Diffuse)
    October 9-12:

    Let a classmate go in front of you in line!

    Instead of tattling on a classmate for getting in front of you in line, Challenge yourself to let someone in front of you in line.  Stop and remember that we are all going to the same place and it's not always important to be the first one there!
    October 16-20:

    We all make mistakes and sometimes hurt someone else's feelings... think about someone who you may have mistreated and give them a sincere apology.
    Tell them "I'm sorry or I apologize." 
    October 23-27:
    Keeping ourselves safe!

    This week is Red Ribbon Week... challenge yourself to be kind to your body and mind by staying away from drugs and alcohol. 
     October 30-Nov. 3:
    Ask someone to join your game!

    This week, look around at recess for someone who doesn't have anyone to play with......  (Check the Kindness Bench).  Make sure you include others in your game even if you have to take turns.
     Nov. 6-10:
    Tell one of the adults at Village "Thank You" for something he/she did nice for you!

    As we begin this month with the Big Idea of  Gratitude and  also the season of Thanksgiving..... remember to tell a teacher, custodian, lunchroom staff, bus driver, and any staff member at Village... "Thank You"
    Nov. 13-17
    Write a thank you note to someone.  Tell them you are thankful for them.

    The Big Idea is  Gratitude and  this is also the season of Thanksgiving..... Think about others in your life and write them a quick note, make them a card, or draw them a picture to tell them you are thankful for them.
    Nov. 27-Dec. 1
    Look around for opportunities to share with others.

    Notice if your classmates or friends don't have something or want to play with something you have and invite them to share with you.
    Dec. 4-8
    Think of ways to help others

    As we begin the month with our new Big Idea, Generosity, look for ways to help others.  Some ideas:  give your time by volunteering, clean out your toys/closets and donate to charities or collect canned goods for food banks.  This is the season of giving. 
    Dec. 11-15 
    Helping a classmate 

    This week notice if a classmate is having trouble with a task or understanding their work.  Say some positive things to encourage your classmate and offer to help.
    Jan. 8-12
    Make a plan/set a goal

    As we begin the new year 2018, it's a time of new opportunity to start fresh!  Be kind to yourself and pick one goal you want to work on to improve yourself.  
    Jan. 16-19
    Check with a friend to see how they are doing with their goal.
    Last week, we set a goal.  It is sometimes hard to keep a goal but having a friend to check in iwth helps remind us to stay focused on our goal.  Be kind to your friend and ask how you can help them accomplish their goal.
    Jan. 22-26
    Solving problems or conflicts between friends
    Notice any problems or conflicts that come up between friends.  Help your classmates problem solve and come up with a solution (try using Kelso's Choices)
    Jan. 29-Feb. 2
    Use calming strategies when you get angry or mad (Kelso's Choices)
    When you have a disagreement with a classmate and you feel yourself getting upset, practice your calming strategies like counting to ten or taking deep breaths  (This will help you from huring someone's feelings)
    Feb. 5-9
    Counselor's week daily kindness challenges
    Feb. 12-16
    Pick a Random Act of Kindess of the Kindness Tree
    The 3rd grade helped Mrs Brent create a Kindess Tree on the Big Idea Board.  So this week, pick one of the challenges to do for someone else.
     Feb. 19-23
    Be a good sport if you lose a game
    When you play a game, there is a chance you may lose to another team or another person.  If this happens to you, congratulate the other person or team!  You see sports teams line up after a game to shake hands and say good game, this is a way to show kindness and be a good sport.
    Feb. 26-March 2
    Stand up for others
    Help someone who needs it this week.  If you see someone being mean to another person, stand up for what is right.  Report unsafe situations to an adult you trust. (remember tatling is trying to get someone in trouble...but telling is trying to keep someone  out of trouble.  Report BIG problems.
    March 5-9
    Show patience with your friends
    Our Big Idea is Patience for March.  Sometimes towards the end of the school year, we start losing our patience with others.  Try to use strategies that help you calm down, so tht you can be more patient with your friends.
    March 19-23
    Being Honest
    Look for opportunities this week to be honest at home and at school.  Practice making the right choice!
    March 26-30
    Accepting Consequences
    Sometimes we make mistakes and must face consequences.  Accept consequences without throwing a fit.  Learn from your mistakes and move on.
    April 2-6
    Accepting "no" as an answer
    Sometimes the answer to our question is "no."  It is not something we like to hear, but accept the answer without getting upset or throwing a fit.
    April 9-13
    Engaging in Conversation
    This week,  pick a classmate that you do not know very well.  Make an effort to talk to them and ask how their day is going.  Try to engage them in a conversation.
    April 16-20
    Making a Request
    When asking for something this week at home or school, practice saying "please" and "thank you."  Whatever the outcome, accept the answer without getting upset.
    April 23-27
    Interrupting Appropriately
    This week, practice waiting patiently when you want to speak with someone who is speaking with another person.  Thank the person after they have listened to you.
     April 30-May 4

    Reporting behavior
    If you notice that someone is in an unsafe situation or is involved in making others unsafe, do the right thing and report it to a trusted adult.  (Keso's choices says this is a BIG problem).  Remember tattling is trying to get someone into trouble and telling (reporting) is trying to keep someone out of trouble.
     May 7-11
    Taking ownership for your actions:
    As you know this month's Big Idea is Honesty.  Remember if you make a mistake, take ownership of your actions and tell the truth.  Lying turns a small problem into a BIG problem.
     May 14-18
    "I" Messages
    Practice giving an "I" Message when someone has upset you.  It is kind to share your own feelings rather than blame someone for the situation.  Start with "I feel _______ when you _____"
    May 21-25
    Another way to show kindness is by volunteering or doing acts of service for others.  This week, volunteer to help out with one thing at school and one thing at home.
Last Modified on May 21, 2018