Red Poppy

    Reading Challenge

    for First and Second Grade

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    Amazing things happen when you read, so take the Red Poppy Reading Challenge this year!  All first and second grade students are invited to take the challenge and read at least 20 books by the Red Poppy authors.  

    This year the GISD Librarians created the Georgetown ISD Red Poppy Reading List and chose 25 notable and award-winning books to read with students in grades one and two.  These 25 books will be enjoyed together during library time with Mrs. Thiel.  


    Students can accept the Red Poppy Reading Challenge and read at least one book by each Red Poppy author.  Red Poppy author books are in a special area of the Library, and have a Red Poppy sticker on the spine.


    Students read the books independently, partner read with an adult, or enjoy listening as an adult reads the books to them!  Next, the students visit the Library and sign the Red Poppy chalkboards in the Library hall.  


    Students also log the title of the book on the Red Poppy Reading log.  Reading logs are available in the Library or on the Ford website.


    Students must turn in their signed reading logs by May  4, 2018 to Mrs. Thiel.  Readers that complete the challenge and read at least 20 books will receive a special award at the end of the year and an invitation to the Red Poppy luncheon in May with Mrs. Thiel!

    Please contact Mrs. Thiel with questions at thielv@georgetownisd.org

Last Modified on October 3, 2017