• This is for Ms. Tatum's Human Geography 4B class only.

    1. To get started with the textbook for Ms. Tatum's's class, please click on the Pearson AP Student app on your ClassLink Desktop. It looks like this:
      Pearson AP student icon
    2. Wait for the page to properly load.
    3. On the resulting page, click on "Covered Titles" to expand the selection. 
    4. Then click on "Social Studies" to expand that selection.
    5. Find the book you need: Rubenstein, The Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography 12e. These books are in alphabetical order by the author's last name, so this one is 5th from the bottome. Be sure to choose the 12e version, not any other edition.
    6. Click on the bullet point that says Student Registration
    7. That brings you to the License Agreement and Privacy Policy. Read the policies and click the orange I Accept button
    8. Under "Do you have a Pearson Education account?" click on the No button.
    9. For the "*Create a Login Name" textbox, please enter your GISD email address
    10. In the "*Create a Password" textbox, please type your GISD password and add a capital G on the end.
    11. In the "*Re-type your Password" textboxplease re-type your GISD password with the capital G on the end.
    12. In the bottom, pelase click on the button that says "Switch to a single box for pasting your access code" - it looks like this: 
      Pearson Access Code
    13. Copy and paste this code into the new textbox: SSNAST-JIDDA-FINCH-BOTAN-SWASH-NONES
    14. Click the orange "Next" button.
    15. On the next screen, enter the appropriate and accurate information, using your school email address. Your school email address is your GISD username followed by @georgetownisd.org.
      1. Your zip code will be 78628
      2. For "*School Name" please choose GEORGETOWN IND SCHOOL DISTRICT-INT
      3. Do not check the "May we contact you?" box
    16. Click the orange "Next" button.
    17. The next page is mostly informational.
    18. Click the orange "Log in now" button.
    19. On the next screen, for "Did you receive a Course ID from your instructor?" choose Yes.
    20. Copy this code MGEOGTATUM61757 and paste it into the new textbox.
    21. Press the gray "Continue" button.You can select this whole code by double clicking over the top of it.
    22. In the next screen, type your GISD student ID number and hit the "Continue" button. If you skip this step, you are at risk of receiving a zero for any assignment your instructor assigns through this website.
    23. This should automatically log you into the new system.
    24. Click on your first name and the little person icon at the top, right-hand side of the page.
    25. Click the blue-ish "Sign Out" button.
    26. Close this tab, and switch back to ClassLink.
    27. Click the Mastering Georgraphy S app on your ClassLink desktop.
      Mastering Human Geography S
    28. If you entered your GISD username and your GISD password plus a capital G appropriately, this app should immediately open a new tab, go to the website, and log you into the website. If you get an error, please stop and raise your hand.