• Chemistry Bonus:

      • Mole Day - make a mole - 5 bonus points (pattern 1, pattern 2, pattern 3)(Due anytime during the 1st nine weeks - only one mole will be accepted not all 3 patterns)
      • TAMU Mini Medical SchoolTexas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine - Round Rock Campus Mini-Medical School - 10 bonus points for attending (turn in handouts/notes that you take during the session to receive bonus points)
      • Birdhouse - 15 bonus points (Due anytime during the 1st nine weeks)
      • Careers in Chemistry Bonus Project - 15 bonus points (Can only be done during the 1st or 2nd nine weeks)  
      • Molecular Models Bonus Project (Christmas Ornaments) - 15 bonus points (Due anytime during the 2nd nine weeks)  
      • Balancing Equations Extra Credit Problem (15 bonus points) - Balance the equation (showing system of equations work), and rewrite the equation (using the correct names) as a sentence.  (Can only be done during the 3rd nine weeks)  
      • Chemistry Porfolio Project - can be done instead of the spring semester final exam (Must be turned in by May 11.) 

    Link to Chemistry TEKS

      If academic dishonestly has occurred (in any class) you will not be eligible to complete bonus projects. 


    Chemistry Required Project: