AP English IV Literature and Composition  


    Major Works Data Sheet
    You will create a MWDS for ALL major works in AP and Pre-AP English.  It will count as two daily grades (primarily completion) in the class. 
    The purpose of the major works data sheet is not only to assist you in analysis and review of the work  but also to provide a study guide for the literature and composition free-response question on the AP exam your senior year.

     Click here for MWDS

    Sonnet Packet



    ****AP STUDENTS****

    http://www.collegeboard.org/ap-scores.html to get a free online account with College Board.
    EXTRA CREDIT: COMPLETE BY THE LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH NINE WEEKS.  You must read the book and complete and MWDS for the book of your choice.
    Extra credit tests are a REPLACEMENT for IN CLASS TEST grades ONLY. Students may take an extra credit test as an EXTRA grade to mitigate the damage from outside of class assignments.
    Students may take one extra credit test per nine weeks.  Almost all extra credit books can be found in OUR LIBRARY.  Many are available as free downloads.
    You will come in before or after school, submit your MWDS and take a 50 or 100- question objective test concerning one of the following novels:

    And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians)


    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Gulliver’s Travels

    Lord Jim

    Lord of the Flies

    Mayor of Casterbridge

    Pride and Prejudice


    A Raisin in the Sun

    A Tale of Two Cities




    SECOND NINE WEEKS Daily Agenda:

    October 13/16
    Poetry Analysis - "O Captain, My Captain!" 
    Unit 1 Vocabulary Packet

    Oct 17/18
    Poetry Analysis: "Indian Summer"
    AP Multiple Choice Practice

    Oct 19/20
    Poetry Analysis: "The Illiterate"
    Debrief Poetry Analysis - "For That He Looked Not Upon Her"

    Oct 23/24
    Unit 1 Vocabulary Quiz - Unit 1 packet is due
    Begin reading Act 1 of Hamlet

     Oct 25/26
    Poetry Analysis: "The Mill"
    Continue reading through Act 1 Scene 2 of Hamlet
    Soliloquy Analysis of "O, this too, too sullied flesh..." 
    Soliloquy Analysis Instructions

    Oct 27/30
    Poetry Analysis: "Life in a Love"
    More Browning poetry (for fun, NOT to be TP-CASTTed) - "Porphyria's Lover" and "My Last Duchess"
    Continue working on soliloquy analysis

    Oct 31/Nov 1
    No poetry analysis today
    Continue reading Hamlet

    Nov 2/3
    Poetry Analysis: "next to of course god..."
    Continue Hamlet
    Polonius "Lite" Analysis

    November 6/7
    Poetry Analysis: "Next, Please"
    Hamlet - continue reading
    "What a rogue" lite analysis

    November 8/9
    No Poetry Analysis Today 
    Read Hamlet
    Continue working on soliloquy analysis

    November 10/13
    Poetry Analysis: "The Chimney Sweeper" 
    Detailed Soliloquy Analysis #2: "To be or not to be" 

    November 14/15
    Poetry Analysis: "Haiku" 
    Unit 2 Vocabulary - test next time
    continue working on soliloquy analysis

    November 16/17
    Poetry Analysis: "Variation on the Word Sleep" 
    Unit 2 Vocabulary Test
    Continue reading Act 3 of Hamlet

    November 27/28
    Poetry Analysis: "Never May the Fruit Be Plucked"  
    Read Act III of Hamlet

    November 29/30
    Poetry Analysis: "The Voice of the Ancient Bard" 
    Act III Quiz
    Begin Act IV

    December 1/4
    TP-CASTT Poems due next time
    Soliloquy Analysis #3 "How all occasions do inform against me" 

    December 5/6
    Finish Hamlet
    Complete soliloquy analysis #3
    Turn in 2nd nine week poems - TEST GRADE

    December 7/8
    Review for Hamlet test

    December 11/12
    Hamlet Test
    Begin watching Hamlet (Kenneth Branaugh version)

    December 13/14
    Continue watching movie

    December 15
    Study for finals!  

    December 18-21





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