AP English IV Literature and Composition  


    Major Works Data Sheet
    You will create a MWDS for ALL major works in AP and Pre-AP English.  It will count as two daily grades (primarily completion) in the class. 
    The purpose of the major works data sheet is not only to assist you in analysis and review of the work  but also to provide a study guide for the literature and composition free-response question on the AP exam your senior year.

     Click here for MWDS




    ****AP STUDENTS****

    http://www.collegeboard.org/ap-scores.html to get a free online account with College Board.
    EXTRA CREDIT: COMPLETE BY THE LAST WEDNESDAY OF EACH NINE WEEKS.  You must read the book and complete and MWDS for the book of your choice.
    Extra credit tests are a REPLACEMENT for IN CLASS TEST grades ONLY. Students may take an extra credit test as an EXTRA grade to mitigate the damage from outside of class assignments.
    Students may take one extra credit test per nine weeks.  Almost all extra credit books can be found in OUR LIBRARY.  Many are available as free downloads.
    You will come in before or after school, submit your MWDS and take a 50 or 100- question objective test concerning one of the following novels:

    And Then There Were None (Ten Little Indians)


    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    Gulliver’s Travels

    Lord Jim

    Lord of the Flies

    Mayor of Casterbridge

    Pride and Prejudice


    A Raisin in the Sun

    A Tale of Two Cities





    3rd Nine Weeks Daily Agenda:

    January 8/9
    Poetry Analysis: "Vincent" (Starry, Starry Night" 
    Ekphrastic Poetry Assignment
    Frankenstein Reading Calendar
    AP Benchark - Poetry Analysis (Q1) timed essay

    January 10/11
    No poem today
    AP Benchmark - Prose Analysis (Q2) and Open Ended Analysis (Q3) timed essays

    January 12/16
    Poetry Analysis: "Musee des Beaux Arts" 
    AP Benchmark: Multiple choice portion of the test - 60 min
    16th - "Snow" Day!

    January 17/18
    Poetry Analysis: "On Seeing the Medusa..." 
    Frankenstein Book Talk #1 (Letters - Chapter 4)

    January 19/22
    No poem today
    Chromebooks - searching for a work of art for your ekphrastic poem
    Read Frankenstein/work on study guide 

    January 23/24
    Poetry Analysis: "Ode on a Grecian Urn" 
    Calibrating and scoring Question 1 - poetry analysis essays
    Frankenstein Book Talk #2 (Chapters 5-8)
    Study guide #1 DUE (Letters - Chapter 8)

    January 25/26
    Poetry Analysis: "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles" 
    Continue calibrating/scoring benchmark essays

    January 29/30
    Poetry Analysis: "Valentine for Ernest Mann" 
    Frankenstein Book Talk #3 (Chapters 9-12)
    Continue scoring AP essays

    January 31/Feb 1
    Poetry Analysis: "Mediocrity in Love Rejected" 
    AP Multiple Choice benchmark test 

    February 2/5
    AP Multiple Choice benchmark test with your table

    February 6/7
    Poetry Analysis: "Futility" 
    Frankenstein Book Talk #4 Chapters 13-16
    Continue scoring AP essays

    February 8/9
    Poetry Analysis: "Crossing the Swamp" 
    Finish Scoring AP Essays

    February 12/13
    Poetry Analysis: "The Truth the Dead Know" 
    Unit 3 Vocabulary Test
    Frankenstein Book Talk #5 Chapters 17-20

    February 14/15
    Ekphrastic Poem Presentations! Test grade

    February 16/21
    Poetry Analysis: "Charge of the Light Brigade" 
    Catch up day! Frankenstein, vocabulary, study guides, poetry...etc.

    February 22/23
    Frankenstsein Book Talk #6 Chapter 21-end of novel

    February 26/27
    Frankenstein Exam
    Frankenstein Vocabulary Due







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