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    We are so glad you are coming to Pickett Elementary 3rd Grade.

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    3rd Grade is an exciting year.  Students will be mastering new math skills such as multiplication and division and applying all they know in more challenging word problems, learning more about the world around them in science, identifying famous historical figures who helped to build the nation, the state, and their community here in Georgetown, and above all, reading to learn and learning to build on their reading.
    This year, our 3rd grade team will be piloting Blended Learning, an exciting new way to take advantage of digital resources to enhance your child's hands-on interactive learning opportunities in the classroom.  Students will spend roughly twenty minutes per day working at his/her own pace on istation, a digital reading instruction program, and then we will use the information from the program to drive instruction - moving every student ahead on a personalized learning path.  In addition, we will be looking for other ways to blend digital and person-to-person instruction to really meet individual student needs, allowing for additional support when needed AND for acceleration when appropriate.  Expect for your child to become an expert with Google apps and for his/her tech-confidence to soar! Also, don't be surprised to hear that your child watched several videos to learn a concept and know that we will maintain a careful balance between digital content and human interaction - we know that 21st century learners need BOTH.
    We are so excited to have your child in 3rd Grade this year.  We think you are going to love Pickett and that your child is going to have a great year!
Last Modified on August 18, 2016