• Double Bass

    Katy Dane

    6th Grade Orchestra, 7th Grade Orchestra, 8th Grade Orchestra
    Benold Middle School
    Phone: 943-5090 x.6988
    Email: danek@georgetownisd.org

    Welcome to the Benold Orchestra! Students interested in joining should contact Ms Dane. If you missed the instrument night, lets arrange a time for you to come out and test the instruments. We have a variety of Violin, Viola, Cello and Basses and we will find the instrument that you love and find the size that fits you!
    Can you do Sports and Orchestra? Absolutly we have a few graded performances and have made adjustments to our schedule so that you have a complete and fufilling time at Benold.  
    How many years of experience do I need in order to join the Benold Orchestra? More than 90% of the kids that join have never touched an Orchestral Stringed instrument. Beginning orchestra starts from day one and welcomes all Benold Students no matter what grade they are in. If you are an incoming student and have taken private lessons contact Mr Leach and we will find the appropriate level for you.
    What else can I expect out of Orchestra?  How about a Schlitterbaun trip for 6th graders and a 6 flags trip for 7th and 8th
    Concerts and Dates 
    Required Concerts, arrival times will be announced by flyer

    All Students and Parents are expected to use the CHARMS website or the CHARMS App in order to find
         - Calendar Information regarding concert dates, times, and location
         - Forms related to orchestra participation and activities
         - Volunteers needed Calendar dates
         - Information about activity and trip fee

    Texts can be sent from CHARMS reminding you of important events!! 


    School Code:  Benoldorch
    Passoword:  Student's Six digit ID Number