• Beginning Orchestra Course Information

    Beginning Orchestra is designed to teach students the foundation skills for playing violin, viola, cello, or bass.  Students will learn how to hold and use the bow as well as the instrument.  They will also learn to read music and rhythm.  Students will participate in four concerts through out the year. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. NEVER TOUCHED AN INSTRUMENT? NO PROBLEM

    Private teachers that have gone through a district background check can teach lessons at Benold during the week. Many private teachers are available during the evenings. They are not required. 
    Each week there will be a short piece assigned that concentrates on that week's objectives. Rather than monitoring your practice hours on Fridays this piece will be performed by the student and graded.
    Please use the link to CHARMS. Fill in as much information as you can. Fees can be paid, tracked and managed, text and email updates can be sent, a group calendar is available, and any forms that didn't make it home will also be uploaded.  
  • Required Fees
    6th Grade Orchestra Activity Fee: $40.00 
       this will cover books and other classroom materials, the school gets a discount! 
    Optional Orchestra Fees
    School Instrument Rental (limited availability): $100/year
    There will be optional trips during the year that may require a fee. Flyers and emails will go out as soon as information is available.