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Pre-Ap Science

    We will be studying a variety of topics this year. Pre-AP is designed to have students think deeper about the topics then they normally would. We will do a variety of activities that are geared towards having the students apply the content information rather then just memorize.
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    Basic Information about Pre-AP Science Class

    What can I expect in science this year?

      8th grade science is mainly chemical, physical, and universe.  There is a small amount of life science.  The concepts are more in-depth then previous years. 

     First Semester

    · 1st nine weeks will be Chemistry.

    · 2nd nine weeks will be Universe, Earth, Moon, and Sun.

    Second Semester

    · 3rd nine weeks will be Physics and Earth science.

    · 4th nine weeks will be Weather, Ecology, STAAR Review, and Worth the Wait.

     Argument Designed Instruction and Problem Based Instruction

    · Give students an opportunity to use the core ideas and crosscutting concepts of science to develop an explanation or model about a natural phenomenon.

    · Engage students in meaningful inquiry using methods of their own design and to learn how to do so in a more productive manner.

    · Encourage students to learn how to generate an argument that articulates and justifies an explanation or model as a result of the inquiry process.

    · Provide opportunities for students to learn how to propose, support, evaluate, and revise ideas through discussion and in writing.

    Create a classroom community that teaches students to value evidence, critical thinking, skepticism, and new ideas or ways of thinking.

     Supplies:  Students will need a composition book for class.  They will also need something to write with.  If a student has a device that will run Google Apps they might want to bring it when needed.  All other materials will be provided. 

     Textbook:  Our textbook is consumable.  We will use it in the classroom.  Students may bring it home if needed. Students will have access online.

     Online Resources:  Students will log into ClassLink using their computer username and password.  By doing this they will have access to all of  the online resources available to them at Benold Middle School. 

     Grades:  Daily grades count as 40% while tests/projects count as 60% of the final nine week grade.  During a nine week period there will be at least 9 daily grades and at least 3 test/project grades.  Students will check their grade every Monday in Skyward.  

     Assignments:  All assignments will be posted on my board.  I will also post any important dates like test days or project due dates and retest deadlines.  I also post everything on the calendar on the Benold Science website. 

    Daily Work:  This will be labs, worksheets, an entrance and exit tickets. It will count as 40% of the overall grade. 

     Test/Projects:  Students will have a test at the end of each unit.  The day we start a new unit, they will know the date of the test and projects.  There may be quizzes before the end of a unit.

     There will be some projects through out the year.  Students will have plenty of time to complete the projects.  If a student is absent on the day the project is due, it is due the day they come back to school.  They knew about the project many days before they were absent.

     Retest Policy :  Students will be allowed to retest any test that is below a 70.  The highest grade they can make on the rested is a 70. All retest will need to be completed 2 weeks from the date that they are notified of the test grade.  All retest dates will be posted on the board.  Students may come in before school or arrange for a time after school to complete a retest.

    Failing projects will be given a 2 week window for correction or redoes.  The highest possible grade will be a 70.

     Missed Work:    It is the student’s responsibility to ask for any missed work as well as videos they need to watch.  Missed investigation will not be made up unless otherwise specified by the teacher.  Tests must be made up within 3 days of returning to school.  Students will be given 1 day for each day absent to complete and turn in make up work.   Please see student handbook for further information about missed work.  Do not ignore missed work.  If you have issues getting it completed, please see me.  I will work with you on getting it completed.

    Late Policy:  

    This applies to daily work and PROJECT.

      1st day  -10 point on final grade
      2nd days  -20 points on final grade
      3rd days -30 points on final grade

     Work turned in past the three days will be accepted until the next progress report for a grade no higher than a 50.

     This is school policy. Students will be informed of zeros as they occur.

    Extra Credit: 

    I do not give extra credit assignments.  Though out the nine weeks, I will have different ways for students to earn bonus points toward test grades.    

     Bring Your Own Device:  Students will be able to bring their own technology.  If a student has their own device they will be required to place it on the table top face down, unless we are using it.  It is to be used for classroom purposes and educational purposes only.  They will not be allowed to text friends, use Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, or any other social media in my class.  They will not be allowed to take picture of each other or themselves during class.  I am excited about the bring your own device, but it will only be used for educational purposes in my class.  Students will be responsible for their own devices.