• 8th Grade English/Language Arts

    Reading Response Question List

    Read for 15 minutes from your library book or home reading book.  Pick a question from the list.  Date your journal page.  Write the question.  Answer the question.  To get full credit you must follow the form on the Question List handout.  You must also include 5 sentences in your answer.  Each response is worth 5 points.  Do two responses a week.  Turn in every Thursday.  Homework is a double daily grade each three-week grading period.




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  • 2nd Semester Independent Reading Grade

    Library checkout, 1/12/16

    Students choose a reading book and do a series of journal entries + one other task, each three-week grading cycle.

    The Independent Reading Grade is counted once each 3-week grading period as a major grade.

    It is a cumulative grade.  The points accumulate over the course of the nine-weeks grading period and start over when the new nine-weeks grading period begins.

    Extra Credit is possible for this assignment.  Click the link for the assignment instructions, for an extra credit chart, and for handouts with the tasks.

    Independent Reading Assignment Instructions

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  • Science Fiction / Fantasy Book Report

    Students will do a "book talk" presentation for their classmates using their science fiction (or fantasy) novel.  They were given an opportunity to check out a novel Thursday, October 20th.  They received their assignment on Friday, October 21st.

    They should also complete 5 journal questions just like they did for the Mystery Book Report Project.  (They should turn in reading responses at the time they do their presentation.)

    Presentations are due the week before Thanksgiving (November 14th - November 18th).  Students will sign up for presentation times.

    Book Talk Assignment


    Extra credit is available:

    Reading responses and presentations completed November 1st - November 4th receive extra 10 points.

    Reading responses and presentations completed November 7th - November 11th receive extra 5 points.

    Late project procedure:

    EVERY student is expected do a presentation and turn in journal entries.  If a student doesn't turn in his or her reading responses and schedule his or her presentation before Thanksgiving, that student should expect to do his or her presentation and turn in reading responses AFTER Thanksgiving for points deduction.  The points deducted by date are listed on the project handout.


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  • Mystery Fiction Book - Novel Project

    Students checked out their novels September 19th and rechecked them October 5th.

    Projects are due Thursday, October 13th.

    Mystery Book Report Assignment Sheet

    Reading Response Question List


    Link to the "Mystery Genre Characteristics Chart" ("Book Report Fun")


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