• January 16th- journal check

    Students will turn in journals for check on previous assignments- 2 free writes, 2 journal entries for "Night", title page for "Night", and reading log from the last week.

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  • January 12th and 13th- vocabulary frontload and reading "Night"

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  • January 12th- frontloading for "Night" with videos and discussion

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  • January 11th- Poem relflection and analysis. Due January 13th

    All classes will have 15 mins today and 15 mins tomorrow. What is not done is HW and due on the 13th.



    Reflection of one poem by choosing one option.

    A: Half page free write (questions about what they can write about on the board)

    B. They can complete a drawing that represents the poem with a short written explanation. The drawing must reflect a message, symbol, or idea from the poem.

    C. They may complete a blackout poem like we did earlier this year.


    Reflection of one poem by choosing one option:

    A. Creating a symbol that represents the poem, which will be done in colors that represent both tone and mood of the poem. They are to include a short explanation  if they draw the symbol. Or  they can write about their symbol with 2 comparisons of the symbol explained.  

    B. Students can write 2 additional stanzas for one poem and come up with an alternative title that reflects tone, mood and theme.


    C. They can draw (with a short description) or write a half page about a setting where this poem could or would take place.


    D. Blackout poem with 2 sentence explantion of the poem and image created.

    I will meet with GT students to open this up a bit more and allow them to create a combination of the options listed above. They can choose one option and not combine.  Or they may come up with their own way to show the reflection. No matter which option they choose, they must incoporate a comparison of a real world problem or issue in our world or nation.

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  • January 4th-January 10th

    What does it say, what does it mean, what does it matter deeper reading strategy- short stories and poems.


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