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    Steve Barber

    World Geography

    Georgetown High School
    Phone: 943-5100 Ext. 7134
    Email: barbers@georgetownisd.org



    I am a veteran teacher of 31 years here at GHS. I am proud to be a part of a Georgetown family that has been here since 1892. I graduated from Southwestern University in 1986 with a BA in Social Studies. I have taught Social Studies here at GHS for 31 years.  

    Class/Course Information

    Students will need to have a place to take notes as well as to store supplemental materials that I will have for you to illuminate various topics during the course. You will also be challenged to think and to analyze and question various topics everyday as you progress on a journey of Geographic discovery of the world you live in. The American system is not based on lassitude and passiveness. Your opinion and knowledge are very important! Not only does knowledge make you more employable it also makes you an interesting person. 


    1st   World Geography                                  6th  Conference
    2nd  Pre AP World Geography                     7th  Pre AP World Geography
    3rd  Conference                                             8th Pre AP World Geography
    4th Flex                                                         9th  Flex  
    5th  World Geography                                                   10th Pre AP World Geography