• Amanda Fishel Seaman

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    Spanish 2, Spanish 3 pre-AP, Spanish 4 AP
    East View High School
    Phone: 512-943-1800 x.8081
    Email: seamana@georgetownisd.org
    Google Voice #: 512-765-6167


    My Education & Teaching Background

    • B.A. Spanish, B.S. Biology from Butler University, Indianapolis, IN in 2003

    • This is my 8th year in GISD

    • Named Georgetown Ninth Grade Campus Teacher of the Year 2010-2011

    • I obtained fluency in Spanish when I studied abroad in Seville, Spain in 2001-2002 through Butler University

    Course Objectives for Spanish 3 pre-AP:
    • Students will become MORE familiar with the culture and geography of the Spanish-speaking world.

    • Students will listen, speak, read, and write in Spanish on an intermediate to pre-advanced level using correct grammar.

    • Students will continue to prepare themselves for real world experiences using Spanish (mainly through the use of projects simulating real life scenarios that involve speaking proficiency)

    Course Objectives for Spanish 4 AP:
    • Students will participate in a variety of authentic reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities to assist them in preparation for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam on Tuesday, May 2, 2017.