• Principles of Health Science
    1 credit  (9 to 11 grades)

    This course is recommended for students interested in a career in health care.

    Principles of Health Science provides an overview of the therapeutic, diagnostic, environmental, and support services, and biotechnology research and development systems of the health care industry. To pursue a career in the health service industry, students should learn to reason, think critically, make decisions, solve problems, and communicate effectively.Communication and teamwork are important in exploring all aspects of this class. This class is a recommended prerequisite for Health Science Theory and Practicum in Health Science.


    Course Units

     Historical: Impact on Health Care related to economy, time eras, historical figures, and folklore 

     Leadership: Leadership traits, team member traits, explain role of professional organization

    Health Careers and Healthcare Organizational Structure and Regulatory Agencies: Health Careers, work environment, safety practices  

    Human Needs:  Maslow’s Hierarchy, cultural diversity, stages of human development

    Ethical and Legal Issues: Codes of Ethics, Legal Terms, Confidentiality, Patient rights

    Health & Wellness: Wellness strategies for the prevention of disease, maintain homeostasis

    Communication as a Health Professional:  Build skills related to the communication process. Medical terminology and abbreviations.