• TMS Beginning Percussion 

    Introductory percussion class for 6th grade percussionists at Tippit Middle School.  

    Required Equipment for Beginning Percussion
    1. Rental of a Practice Marimba or Practice Xylophone from Marimba Warehouse (
    www.marimbawarehouse.com); Music&Arts in Round Rock is our local dealer
    2. Practice pad: Vic Firth Slimpad
    3. Sticks/Mallets: Innovative Percussion FP2 Intermediate Mallet Pack and Stick Bag

    4. Book: Simple Steps to Successful Beginning Percussion by Kennan Wylie

    5. Metronome/Tuner: Korg TM-40 Combined Metronome and Tuner

    6. Wire music stand (for at-home practice)

    7. Snare drum stand (recommended, not required): Pearl S700L, Yamaha SS-665, or Offworld IMS2 (make sure it is
    concert height)
    For best pricing and availability, order through one of the following vendors:
    1. Music&Arts (Round Rock) (www.musicarts.com) 
    2. Lone Star Percussion (www.lonestarpercussion.com)
    2. Steve Weiss Music (www.steveweissmusic.com)
    3. Amazon (www.amazon.com)
    Private lesson information
    Because of the large number of instruments percussionists are expected to master, pricate lessons are strongly encouraged for all students.  Lessons may take place before or after school or during the student's band class period. 
     The private lesson enrollment form is available for download below; please print, sign, and return to Ms. Tannert.
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