• TMS Honor Band

    Information for percussion students in the Tippit Middle School Honor Band.

    Required equipment for 7th/8th grade percussionists (suggested models follow):
    - 1 pr concert snare sticks (IP1, IP-LD1, VF SD1, Cooperman Petrella #5 or #10)
    - 1 pr general timpani mallets (IP GT-3, VF T1)
    - 2 prs matching marimba mallets (should be similar in wear) (IP240, IP Ford 803)
    - 1 pr bell/xylo mallets (IP 902, IP 904)
    - Metronome/tuner (Korg TM-40)
    - 12" rubber practice pad (IP RP-1, IP RP-1S, Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad, Offworld Invader, RealFeel)
    - Stick/mallet bag (IP SB-3, IP MB1)
    - black hand towel
    *All items should be labeled with the player's initials using permanent marker.
    Strongly suggested:
    - Practice Marimba or Practice Xylophone from Marimba Warehouse (available from Music & Arts)
    Private lesson information
    Because of the large number of instruments percussionists are expected to master, pricate lessons are strongly encouraged for all students.  Lessons may take place before or after school or during the student's band class period.  Please contact the instructors for information on rates and scheduling.  
     The private lesson enrollment form is available for download below; please print, sign, and return to Ms. Tannert.
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