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    Welcome to the PASS (SOAR) Home Page

    The PASS team consists of:


    Rose Chambers


    My Education & Teaching Background

    • I am a graduate of UT with a degree in Special Education.
    • GISD hired me in 2007 so this is my 9th year doing SOAR/PASS. My first 3 years were at GHS; this is the 6th  year at EVHS. I LOVE this job.
    • This is my 20th year to teach Special Education.  I have covered the span of SPED possibilities having 6 years in Elementary/Early Childhood and 13 years in Middle or High School.


    I teach Study Skills class 4th period. The rest of the day is spent for SOAR Support. E-mail is the best way to contact me.  Frequently during the day I will be assisting students with their work and will let the phone go to voice mail. If you contact me by phone or e-mail I will return a message that day if I am at work; I'm seldom ill. If you have a question and explain what it is in your message I can frequently have an answer when I call back.

Last Modified on September 9, 2015