• Policies and Procedures

    Assignment Book
    Scholars are expected to write down their homework and upcoming tests or projects each day in their assignment books. Each teacher  will spot check as needed to make sure it is being written accurately. To ensure that you are aware of what they are responsible for completing each night at home, they are expected to show you the assignment book. Please make sure that your child's homework is done on time, and initial his/her assignment book each day. 
     This lets us know that scholars are communicating with their parents about what they are expected to do each night.
    Tuesday Folder
    Each week, you can expect to see your child's Tuesday Folder. Please spend a few minutes looking over your child's work and any notes from school. This is one way we keep you informed of your child's progress in school. Please keep the papers inside, sign the sheet inside the folder, and send it back to school with your child on Wednesday. This lets me know that you are constantly aware of your child's progress.
    We will communicate with you regarding your child's conduct using the Assignment Book, where you will find conduct marks if rules are broken. Of course, in the case of a severe offense or consistent problems with behavior, we will contact you over the phone. Please initial the Assignment Book every night. We will check that this has been initialed each morning. Again, this is a form of parent/teacher communication that lets us know that you are aware of your child's behavior at school.
    Homework Policy
    Homework should be completed and turned in on time. It is district policy that ten points are deducted for each day the assignment is late. After the third day, it is a zero. Scholars will also receive a conduct mark for not bringing completed homework to school on time. Scholars that have an excused absence from school will be given one extra day for each day they are absent.
    If for whatever reason your child is having an especially hard time understanding part of his or her assignment, please email the teacher the assignment came from. More often than not we can respond more efficiently through email. If your child needs more help with a particular concept, please let me know and I will be glad to give extra help where needed. It is not my intent to send my scholars home with assignments they can not complete in a reasonable amount of time. Please do not allow your child to get to a frustration point with an assignment. If they truly do not understand please write a note and attach it to the assignment. This will let us know that we need to reteach the concept. 
    Please send a written excuse with your child upon his/her arrival to school after an absence. If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent, please contact the teacher(s) a day in advance so that we can prepare the make-up work. To ensure that your child is receiving the highest quality of instruction, please do your best to schedule appointments outside of school hours (especially core subject times). Unless the scholars are sick, it is so important for them to be at school all day, every day! If you are planning any type of trip please notify the teacher(s) at least week in advances so that we can   gather appropriate work.
    Please be sure to communicate with your child in the morning if there will be a change in his or her after school transportation. Send a written note to me explaining how he or she should get home so that we can write a bus pass if needed. If you discover sometime during the school day that you need to change your child's after school transportation, contact the office by 2:00 to ensure that your child will get the message.
    We love to celebrate birthdays around here! Please let your child's homeroom teacher know in advance if you are planning to bring treats for the class so that she can plan accordingly. We will celebrate at the end of the day in the cafeteria oe outside.
    Scholars may bring water bottles and a healthy snack to class. It will be the scholars' responsibility to remember to bring their own snacks each day if they want one. Great snack ideas include: fruit, veggies, crackers, granola bars, or string cheese. Please do not allow your child to bring chips, candy, cookies or anything messy (such as an orange) for snack. Please check with your child's teacher to see if there are any allergies.