• Cross Country

    Benold Cross Country
    FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE  AUGUST 29, 2016!!!!!!!!!!
    Monday             Practice at 6:45 @ BMS 
    Tuesday             Practice at 6:45 @ BMS
    Wednesday       Practice at 6:45 @ BMS
    Thursday          Practice at 6:45 @ BMS
    Friday               Practice at 6:45 @ BMS
    There will also be an afternoon practice daily from 4:15-5:15 PM for those runners who can't make morning practice!! 
    Cross Country is a team running sport that takes place in the fall on a  measured 1.8 –2 mile loop over varied surfaces and terrain.  Many cross country meets are held on park grounds,school campuses, golf courses, or dirt trails.


    How Cross Country Is Scored

    A cross country meet is scored by each team adding up the places of it’s top 5 finishers. As in golf, the low score wins. For example, a team that scores 26 points places ahead of a team that scores 29 points, as follows:


    Benold                                                          Pflugerville

                                        1                                                                      2

                                        4                                                                      3

                                        5                                                                      7

                                        6                                                                      8

                                        10                                                                   9

                               score 26                                                     score  29


                                                    Benold is the winner!!!!


    A team’s 6th and 7thfinishers can also figure the scoring if there is a tie in the score of the top5 finishers on the 2 teams.  The 6thfinisher’s score from each team is added to the team point tally.  The team with the lowest score at that point wins.  If still a tie, then the 7thfinisher’s score is added in.


    All the runners on the team that do not finish in the top 7 on the team become “pushers” by pushing up their opponent’s scores by finishing ahead as many runners as possible.


    How You Can Help Your Son or Daughter Before The Race Season

    As your aspiring young runner begins the first weeks of training, you may wonder what you should expect and how you can assist him or her as a parent in terms of recovery, eating, sleeping, and mental attitude.  A normal consequence of beginning to train is muscle soreness, which will soon go away.  If your son or daughter has not participated in sports before or has not had a highly active summer, this may persist up to2-3 weeks.  They should communicate this with me.


    A nutritious, well-balanced diet is essential for an athlete.  Fatty and fried foods and carbonated drinks (Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, etc…) should be avoided.  On race day small portions of easily digested foods eaten at least 3 hours before competition are best, but water intake is never to be limited.  Most athletes feel best when they race a little hungry.  Getting homework completed early in the evening and plenty of rest do a world of good for an athlete’s mental state.


    What It Takes to Be Successful

    More than anything else, success in cross country takes time…time to learn; time to train; time to sleep, rest and recover; before school time; after school time; weekend time.  With academic responsibilities of being a middle school student, most of student-athletes are busy most of the time.  The willingness to devote the time that success demands is called DEDICATION.


    Being a member of the Benold Middle School Cross Country Team carries other expectations and responsibilities.  Doing what is expected of every team member is called COMMITMENT Our goals are to have fun, learn to run, develop teamwork and self-discipline..  Attending team practices every day is one of the commitments I expect.  


    Another commitment I expect is COMMUNICATION   Communicating helps me out so much.  If a problem or illness is going to force your son or daughter to miss practice or a meet, please call  me in advance to let me know.  Please don’t send a message through a friend or a teammate.


    Preparing To Watch Your First Cross Country Meet

    When you arrive to the meet site, first locate the start and finish, then try to scout central points to where you can see as much as possible with as little moving around as possible.  Be aware that some of the meets we attend will feature 4-5 boys’ and girls’ races at various levels. 


    During the race, you can move from point to point along the course to cheer the runners as they pass.  Be careful, however, to stay out of the runner’s path and out of their way.  Rules also forbid running alongside a competitor to pace or encourage him or her.


    At the finish of the race, the runners file through the finish chute.  It’s okay to greet them, but they will have to turn a place card into coach ASAP so scores can be tabulated.  Our runners have other responsibilities after a race.  They are expected to cool down as a team and actively encourage their teammates who have yet to race.  Typical symptoms of their effort and fatigue are breathlessness, general weakness, rubbery legs, glassy eyes, salivating, and sometimes nausea. To aid recovery encourage them to walk to the water jugs at the site and get a drink.  Water is the best thing to drink after a race.  The worst thing to do after a race is sit or lie down.  Keep them moving and send them to me to turn in their finish card.


    Please be aware that your child will need to ride the bus home after all meets unless there are extenuating circumstances involved.  Many of our team members are also soccer players.  I will have a sign out sheet for those parents to sign their child out in order to go to another event they are required to attend.