• Second Grade Math Goals:

    In math, scholars will identify and compare numbers using <,>, and =, read and write numbers up to 1,200 using standard, expanded, and written form, determine whether a number is odd or even, recall facts to add and subtract up to 20 with automaticity, solve multiple step addition and subtraction problems up to 1,200, model, create, and describe multiplication and division situations, read and write time on a digital and analog clock in 1 minute increments, and apply math to real world situations.

    Science: Many hands-on activities will be used in these subjects and students will record their learning in their science interactive journal. Grades will be taken from science journals and participation.
    Social Studies
    Scholars will learn about communities. We study the different types of communities past and present. We also learn about our system of government, national symbols, holidays, map skills and goods and services. Many of these topics will be incorporated into our Language Arts instruction. Grades will be taken from unit tests, daily work and participation.

    Second Grade Writing Goals:
    In language arts, all scholars can…write legibly and use margins appropriately. Capitalize proper nouns, months, days and appropriate parts of a friendly letter. Use periods, exclamation marks, question marks and commas. Write a short story about topics that interest me. Identify and use verbs.

    Second Grade Reading Goals:
    In reading , all scholars can…write events from a story in the correct order using beginning, middle and end. Use context clues to find the meaning of words. Prove with evidence using details and facts in what I read. The second grade fluency goal is to read 106 word per min