• Classroom Rules

    It is essential that every student has the opportunity to learn in a positive classroom environment.  I expect each student to demonstrate positive behaviors while at school and in my classroom.  Positive behavior will create positive results. The following are the expectations of all students:

       1.  Be Productive    - Always stay on task and do your personal best.

       2.  Be Polite             - Use appropriate social skills and show respect to others and their belongings

       3.  Participate         - Be actively engaged in all activities and discussions.

       4.  Be Punctual       - Arrive on time and ready to begin work immediately.

       5.  Be Prepared      - Bring all necessary materials and completed assignments.


    1. Verbal praise
    2. Written recognition
    3. Classroom Raffle tickets
    4. Titan tickets
    5. Positive notes to parents
    6. Positive parent phone calls
    7. Pride in knowing that you are doing the right thing


    1. Verbal warning/loss of table points
    2. New seating assignment
    3. Parent contact
    4. Detention
    5. Team/Parent conference
    6. Office referral

    *Severe Disruptions will be sent immediately to the office and parents will be notified

    *Persistent Disruptions will result in parent/student/teacher/principal conference


    Class Procedures

       Entering the room:  Please enter the room quietly and with all necessary materials.  Once you have entered the classroom, you will not be allowed to leave again until the end or the period.  Walk to your seat, prepare your materials, and write down your assignments for the day.  Always read the board to find out what you need to do.

       Tardies:  You will not be considered tardy if you are in the classroom actively engaged.  You will be considered tardy if you are not in the room when the tardy bell rings or if you are in the room not following directions.

       Leaving the class:  Every student is allowed 29 opportunities combined per a nine week grading period to leave a classroom.  This includes trips to the bathroom and returning to lockers.  These are recorded in a student's agenda and student's without agendas will not be allowed to leave a classroom. Please manage these opportunities wisely.  At the end of class, students will remain seated until they are dismissed by the teacher.



       Grading Policy:        The following percentages apply for grade calculation:

                            40% =  homework, daily quizzes, and class work
                            60% =  assessments, tests, and projects

       Homework:  Homework will be assigned for the purposes of repetition, enrichment, or reinforcement of topics covered in class.  You can expect homework to take about 30 minutes and be assigned Monday night thru Thursday night.


            *Students will need to access www.schooology.com to find the homework assignment for that night.

    *This will include watching a video of the teacher teaching the concept and then filling in notes that correspond to the video.

    *Students will then take the corresponding online quiz.  They need to make an 80% or better before moving onto to the next assignments.  Students who make less than an 80% will need to retake the quiz.


       Late Work Policy:  For late assignments that are not considered make-up work, the following penalties apply:  10 points deducted for the first day, 20 points deducted for the second day, and 30 points deducted for the third day. 

             *All homework and classwork must be turned in by Friday.
             *If homework/classwork is not completed by the end of the assigned week, the student will be assigned an after school detention to be served the following week.
             *Persistent offenders will be assigned Saturday School.

               Make-Up Work:  If you are absent you will have the opportunity to make up the work unless it is a truancy issue.  You will be allowed the same number of days of your absence to make up the work you missed unless the assignment was made prior to your absence.  It is your responsibility to turn in missed work!


    Supplies (Needed Each Day)

       1.       Agenda:  Purchase at school store or front office for $3.00

       2.       Binder:   1-inch binder to store math papers (will be kept in class, but students have the option of bringing it home as long as the bring it back with them to every class)

       3.       Spiral:   will be kept in class

       3.       Pencil bag:   4 Pencils, 1 Highlighter, & 1 Pencil Sharpener (optional)


    I am available for tutoring every day that I do not have duty or meetings.  Please do not hesitate to come ask questions or get help.

            Mornings:          I am available from 8:00 to 8:25

            Afternoons:       I am available from 4:00 to 4:30 



                E-mail:              dedeyana@georgetownisd.org

                Website:          http://www.georgetownisd.org/tippit/DedeyanA/

                Phone:             943-5040, ext. 6414

                Classroom:      512
                Remind101 Texts:  Group text messages sent as reminders to parents about coming tests or projects      
                                           To join the 6th Grade Math Group: Text @mrsdedeyan to 81010
                                           To join 6th Grade Pre-AP Math Group: Text @dedeyan to 81010

                Conferences:    Schedule through the 6th Grade Red Team Leader, Julie Rios

                Assignment books:  Students should write assignments down daily in their agenda.