• Our History

    The Colorguard program at Georgetown HS is an organization on campus that enhances and promotes performance, teamwork, and self confidence.  Potential members must audition in late spring for the following school year.  Once accepted into the group, the length of membership is for one school year, and then the student must re-audition the following spring.


    The colorguard student has many exciting opportunities to perform at football games, pep rallies, community functions, local/state/national contests, out of state trips, middle schools, and other various venues.

    Each colorguard student must sign up for the DAN/CG class.  At the end of a full year the student will receive either a Fine Arts credit or a PE Waiver.

          Students will have a fee to participate in the organization.  This fee will be announced towards the end of the school year when end of the year budgets are announced.  There will be a minimum out of pocket expense, but the rest can be worked off through fundraising opportunities that are set up.  All financial questions and concerns should be directed to Mr. Justin Smith (Director of Bands) at smithj9@georgetownisd.org 



    The Georgetown HS Colorguard has been a part of the Georgetown HS Eagle Band for many decades.  However in the past few years, it has become a well established group not only in the Marching Colorguard world of central Texas, but also a respected and award winning Winterguard program.  The group has been promoted multiple times, won multiple trophies, in 2007 was the Texas Colorguard Circuit Scholastic AAA State Silver Medalist, and in 2008 and 2010 the Texas Colorguard Circuit Scholastic AA Bronze Medalist.

    In 2012, the Colorguard had two successful competing units...a first ever Varsity and JV Team.  In their first years of existence, the Varsity team made Regional Finals at two WGI Regionals (a first ever achievement) and the JV team was the Silver Medalist in the Scholastic Regional A Class.

    In the 2000’s, the GHS Fall Guard has taken audiences around the world, visited American legacies, and even done some of the abstract.  Some shows in the past few years include:

    =>  Fall 2003 - In the Shadow of the Dragon

    =>  Fall 2004 - Sheherazade

    =>  Fall 2005 - Rhythm and Ritual

    =>  Fall 2006 - Passage to the Pyramid

    =>  Fall 2007 - Rise and Fall of Rome

    =>  Fall 2008 - Fighter Flight

    =>  Fall 2009 - State of Mind

    =>  Fall 2010 - Harmonic Fusion

    =>  Fall 2011 - Skyscapes

    =>  Fall 2012 - Once Bitten

    =>  Fall 2013 - One Small Step

    =>  Fall 2014 - The Fairest of them All
    =>  Fall 2015 - Dia de los Muertos: A Celebration of Life
    =>  Fall 2016 - The Look Suits You
     => Fall 2017 - unXpected 



    The spring of 2000 marked the debut of the GHS Winterguard.  In that first year, they competed in the Novice class finishing 4th at the TCGC State Championships.  The group took a break until 2005 when they came back and found themselves promoted 3 times (in one season) to compete in the Scholastic AAA class.  The group has competed each year in TCGC contests and WGI Regionals (making finals in 4 regionals in the last 6 years).  The spring of 2007, was a high point when the group won their first medal at the State Championships.  The tradition continued in 2008 and 2010, as the guard won 2 Bronze Medal trophies at championships.  In 2012, the first year of having a JV Guard, the group won the Silver Medal in the Sch. Regional A Class.  In 2014, the team made finals in 2 WGI Regionals as well as finishing in an amazing top 12 Finals at State Championships in the Scholastic National A Class.  In 2017, the Varsity returned to the WGI Finals in San Antonio, and also debuted a new and award winning JV team.  Past shows include:

     =>  Spring 2000    -   “Animal Song”

                                                             (4th Place Novice Class)

    =>  Spring 2005    -   “A Cubist View”

                                                             (12th Place Schol. AA Class)

     =>  Spring 2006    -   “Tie Me Up in Knots”

                                                             (12th Place Sch. AA Class)

     =>  Spring 2007     -   “Take Me Home”

                                                             (2nd Place Sch. AAA Class - Silver Medalist)

     =>  Spring 2008     -   “No Day But Today”

                                                             (3rd Place Sch. AA Class - Bronze Medalist)

     =>  Spring 2009     -   “1magine: Live As One”

                                                             (11th Place Sch. AA Class)

     =>  Spring 2010     -   “Birds of a Feather, We Watch Together”

                                                             (3rd Place Sch. AA— Red Division - Bronze Medalist)

     =>  Spring 2011     -   “Rise of the Machines”

                                                             (7th Place Sch. A — Blue Division)

     =>    Spring 2012:   -   Varsity - “Gone, But Not Forgotten

                                                              (7th Place National Sch. A Class — Blue Division)(WGI Regional Finalist)

                                                            JV - “A Ghostly Symphony

                                                                         (2nd Place Sch. Reg. A— Blue Division - Silver Medalist)

     =>    Spring 2013:   -   Varsity - “Jhoom

                                                                 (6th Place National Sch. A Class — Blue Division)(WGI Regional Finalist)

                                                JV - “Slither

                                                                         (7th Place Sch. JV Class)

    =>    Spring 2014:   -   “Polaris”

                                             (Prelims - 5th Place National Sch. A Class - Red Div. / 10th Place)                                                                          (Finals - 8th Place National Sch. A Class - STATE FINALISTS) 

                                                          (WGI Regional Finalist)

     =>  Spring 2015     -   “Snowblind”

                                                             (6th Place Sch. National A — Red Division / 12th Overall)

     =>  Spring 2016     -   “The Girl She Once Knew”

                                                             (5th Place Sch. A — Red Division / Schol. A - Top 20)

    =>   Spring 2017:   -   Varsity - “The Thorn In My Side”

                                                                (7th Place National Sch. A Class — Red Division)(WGI Regional Finalist)

                                                            JV - “All The Feels”

                                                                (4th Place Novice — TCGC Circuit Championships)