Purpose: Georgetown Cross Country provides both a cooperative and competitive environment where it is understood that a team’s success depends on the cohesiveness, selflessness, and dedication of the individuals involved.

    Guiding Principles/Core Values: Teamwork



    Part of the reason our program is successful is that we feel five things have to happen.

    *Work for Others: you will reach your highest levels of achievement once you believe that your hard work benefits others more than it benefits you.

    *Consistent Training: to become a good runner, you need to run. Being at practice and running with the team will help you develop a pattern of running on a regular basis. This running must continue beyond the season’s end.

    *Be Competitive: work hard to improve yourself as a runner. This doesn't necessarily mean winning races but improving individual performances by pushing yourself. Remember, other people are what make you run faster.

    *Be Committed: make cross country a high priority in your life. In addition to the training, eat well, get your rest, and do what you can to become a better runner. Traditionally, cross country runners are also people who work hard in their classes. You will continue the tradition.

    *Have Fun: to become a life-long distance runner you must see distance running as a generally pleasant experience. Hard work, good performances, supportive teammates and coaches, and a variety of running experiences will help you and everyone else on the team have fun.