• Mu Alpha Theta/Mathletes  
                Co - Sponsor: Jessica ObergMu Alpha Theta logo
                Room # 222
                Phone Number: 512-943-1800 ext 8056
                Email: Frazierj@georgetownisd.org
                Co - sponser: Jennifer Taylor
                Room # 221
                Phone number: 512 -943 - 1800 ext 8047
                Email: Taylorj@georgetownisd.org 
    Information Meeting: September 8th at 4:00
       Please plan to join us in room 221 for more information about joining Mu Alpha Theta or renewing your membership
    Mu Alpha Theta Requirements:  Students need to have at least a B average in their pre-ap level math courses.  In addtion, students need to be enrolled in pre-ap Algebra II, Precalulus, or Statisitcs.
      Returning Member: Application for returning members
    Mathletes Requirements: All students who are looking to be challenge in math are welcome to join the mathletes. 
      New Member: Mathletes application
      Returning Member: You must renew your application each school year.
    Competition Dates:

    TXML Exam

    ·        October 13th

    ·        November 10th

    ·        December 8th  

    ·        January 12th

    ·        February 9th

    ·        March 22th


    American Mathematics Competition

    ·        February 2nd