2018 Soccer Tryouts: TBA
    2018 Soccer Parent Meeting: TBA
    2018 Soccer Schedule: TBA
    To Participate for the 2018 Soccer Season one must be;
    • Academically Eligible
    • Complete Medical and Physical History Form
    • Pay Catastrophic Insurance ($5)
    • Complete Online Paperwork (RankOneSport)
    Eligibility requirements to participate in Athletics: 

    The following items must be on file in the athletic trainers office to be cleared for the 2017-2018 school year.

    1)      Physical and Medical History Form (GISD has combined this onto one form), submit to GHS Athletic Training Office

    2)      Catastrophic Insurance Payment is $10.00 for football, $5.00 for all other sports (submit to GHS Athletic Training Office)

    3)      Online Paperwork @  http://georgetownisd.rankonesport.com (Parent Login)

    Full details about each requirement as well as the online paperwork can be found at http://georgetownisd.rankonesport.com (PARENT LOGIN) . The combined physical/medical history form is also available on this website. We highly encourage parents to use the form we have provided on the website.

    2017 Record (4-1-1)
    Forbes vs. Farley  Win 3-1
    Forbes vs. Elgin  Win 2-0 
    Forbes vs. Benold  Win 3-1 
    Forbes vs. Tippit Loss 0-2
    Forbes vs. Hutto Tie 1-1 
    Forbes vs. Taylor Win 2-0