• Setting Up an Individual Apple ID/iTunes Account Based on Your GISD Email Address

    • District technology staff will provide you with instructions for setting up an Apple ID/iTunes account based on your GISD email address and NOT tied to a credit card number.
      • Use the account based on your GISD email address to download and test apps for use in teaching and learning or to download apps you only intend to use on the iPad you teach from.
      • Do not share the password to this account with anyone else.
      • If you ever leave the district, ownership of this account and any apps purchased on it will remain with the district.

    Managing a Set of iPads With a Dedicated District Apple ID/iTunes Account

    • You may be responsible for managing a set of iPads, such as the iPads purchased with Title I funds for intervention classrooms, with a specially dedicated iTunes account.
      • Use the dedicated district account for your set of iPads to install apps on all of the iPads in the set.
      • Only teachers managing the set of iPads and district technology staff should know the password for this account. Do not share the password with anyone else or reset the password on this account without consulting district technology staff.

    iTunes Accounts and Students

    • Do not allow students to use their personal iTunes accounts on district-owned iPads.
    • Always make sure an iPad is logged out of all iTunes accounts before letting students use the iPad
      • Open the App Store
      • Tap on Featured at the bottom of the App Store screen
      • Scroll to the bottom of the App Store Screen
      • Tap the button that says Apple ID: <itunesaccount>
      • Click Sign Out on the box that pops up
      • Make sure the button that formerly said Apple ID: <itunesaccount> now says Sign In (If it still has the Apple ID on it, tap again and select Sign Out)
      • Close the App Store. The iPad can now be used by students without them iadvertently accessing a district iTunes account.


Last Modified on November 28, 2012