• January

    Week Of 01/08-01/12

    Monday- Chapter 10 Quizlet (Google Classroom)

    Tuesday- Chapter 10 Digital Interactive Notebook

    Wednesday- Chapter 10 Digital Interactive Notebook

    Thursday- Chapter 10 Digital Interactive Notebook

    Friday- Chapter 10 Digital Interactive Notebook Due.


    Week Of 01/15-01/19

    Monday- Teacher Workday, No School.

    Tuesday- Chapter 10 Review Sheet

    WednesdayChapter 10 Quiz




    Week Of 01/22-01/26







    Week Of 01/29-02/02








    Week Of 12/04-12/08

    Monday- 9.2 Doodle Notes, 9.2 Plickers Questions

    Tuesday- Constitution Escape Room Activity

    Wednesday- 1776 The Musical

    Thursday- 1776 The Musical

    Friday- Finish 1776 The Musical


    Week Of 12/11-12/15

    Monday- CBA Part III Project

    Tuesday- Continue CBA Part III Project

    Wednesday- Continue CBA Part III Project

    Thursday- Continue CBA Part III Project

    Friday- CBA Part III Projects Due


    Week Of 12/18-12/22

    Monday- Group Presentations

    Tuesday- Government Kahoot

    Wednesday- Drop Everything and Read!

    Thursday- Early Release

    Friday- Christmas Break! Santa



    Week of 10/30-11/03

    Monday- Reporter Project Presentations

    Tuesday- Chapter 8 Vocabulary Pictowords

    Wednesday- Chapter 8 Doodle Notes (Lesson 1)

    Thursday- The Crossing Movie with Questions

    Friday- The Crossing Movie with Questions


    Week Of 11/06-11/10

    Monday- Chapter 8 Lesson 2 Doodle Notes, Begin Constitution Brochure

    Tuesday- Chapter 8 Lesson 3 Doodle Notes, Continue Constitution Brochure

    Wednesday- 1787 Ye Art

    Thursday- 2nd Period- Guest Speaker, Veteran's Day Thank You's, Finish Brochure

    Friday- Veteran's Day Ceremony, Government BrainPop Activities


    Week Of 11/13-11/17

    Monday- Bill of Rights Activity

    Tuesday- Mini Poster Project in Class

    Wednesday- Plickers & Start CBA Review

    Thursday- Finish CBA Review/ Go over answers

    Friday- CBA Part 1.  Reward DayClass Parties if earned.


    Week Of 11/20-11/24



    Week Of 11/27-12/01

    Monday- CBA Part I Make Up tests.  Federalist v. Anti-Federalist review

    Tuesday- CBA Part II

    Wednesday- Chapter 9 Vocabulary Quizlet Card Creation

    Thursday- 9.1 Doodle Notes (Principles of Government)

    Friday- 9.1 Plickers Questions using Doodle Notes.  Passing an Amendment Role-Play


    Week Of 10/02-10/06

    Monday-Chapter 6 Review Sheet.

    Tuesday- Chapter 6 Quiz

    Wednesday-Chapter 7 Vocabulary and SWAT game.

    Thursday-7.1 Google Classroom Lesson

    Friday- Teacher Inservice-No School


    Week of 10/09-10/13

    Monday- Columbus Day, No School

    Tuesday-People of the Revolution Gallery Walk

    Wednesday- Revolution Buddies

    Thursday- Revolutionary War Atlas Activity

    Friday- PSAT in the AM, Finish Revolution Buddies


    Week of 10/16-10/20

    Monday- With Counselors in the Computer Lab

    Tuesday- Class Parties in periods 2,4,5,7 (Bring a treat to share)!  Period 6 to present Revolution Buddies.

    Wednesday- Revolutionary War Webquest

    Thursday- British v. Patriots Debate Prep

    Friday- British v. Patriots Debate


    Week of 10/23-10/27

    Monday- Educreations Battle Map

    Tuesday-Student Spec Sheet Google Classroom

    Wednesday- Revolutionary Reporter Project

    Thursday- Revolutionary Reporter Project

    Friday- Revolutionary Reporter Project (Reward Day-3rd Period, Award Ceremony-7th Period)


    Week of 10/30-11/03

    Monday- Reporter Project Presentations

    Tuesday- Chapter 8 Vocabulary Pictowords

    Wednesday- Chapter 8 Doodle Notes (Lesson 1)

    Thursday- The Crossing Movie with Questions

    Friday- The Crossing Movie with Questions




    Week of 08/14-08/18

    Monday-Teacher Inservice

    Tuesday- Teacher Inservice

    Wednesday- Teacher Workday

    Thursday- Supplies, Flexible Seating Contract, Admin. Google Slides

    Friday- Class Doodle Syllabus, Sign up for Remind, Plicker Cards, Number pages in HJ


    Week of 08/21-08/25

    Monday-Finish Syllabus, Social Contracts, CKH Cards

    Tuesday- 3 G's of Exploration, Chapter 3 Vocab., Reasons for Exploration Chart

    Wednesday- Finish Chart, go over in class.  Plickers Quiz

    Thursday- Chapter 4 Vocab., 4.1 Doodle Notes

    Friday- 13 Colonies YouTube song, 1607 Ye Art


    Week of 08/28-09/01

    Monday-4.2 Doodle Notes, Mayflower Compact Video Clip, NE Colonies Name Trick

    Tuesday- 1620 Ye Art

    Wednesday- 4.3 Doodle Notes, Plickers Quiz

    Thursday- 4.4 Doodle Notes, Finish Name Trick

    Friday- Story of Us: Rebels with Questions


    Week of 09/04-09/08

    Monday-Labor Day, No School Labor Day

    Tuesday- 13 Colonies Map, Name Trick Challenge

    Wednesday- Chapter 3&4 Kahoot, Picture Day

    Thursday- Chapter 3&4 Review

    Friday- Chapter 3&4 Mini Test


    Week of 09/11-09/15

    Monday-Patriot Day Warm Up, Chapter 5 Vocabulary Share Out

    Tuesday- Triangular Trade Class Activity

    Wednesday- Colonial Jobs Stations

    Thursday- Colonial Regions Stations

    Friday- Constitution Day Activity (How a Bill Becomes a Law Webquest)


    Week of 09/18-09/22

    Monday- French and Indian War Atlas Activity

    Tuesday- Open Book Chapter 5 Assessment

    Wednesday- Finish/Grade Assessment, Story of Us: Revolution

    Thursday- Chapter 6 Vocabulary Pictowords

    Friday- Causes of the Revolution Banner Activity


    Week of 09/25-09/29

    Monday- Continue Causes of the Revolution Banner

    Tuesday- Finish Banner

    Wednesday- Taxation Without Representation Lesson

    Thursday- Declaration of Independence Lesson

    Friday- Too Late to Apologize Video, 1776 Ye Art


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