Update Your iPad to iOS 7

  • Apple releases regular updates to the iPad operating system, which is called iOS.  
    Settings - Software Update

    Your iPad will tell you when a software update is available. You will see a red circle with a number inside in the top right corner of your Settings app. 
    In Fall 2013, Apple released a major iOS update known as iOS 7. The iOS 7 update takes longer and involves a few more steps than most iOS updates do. It is strongly suggested that you update your district iPad to iOS 7 as soon as possible if you have not already done so, as many apps and app updates now require iOS 7 to work.  
    Please follow the instructions below to update your iPad to iOS 7. You can also download a copy of the instructions if you prefer.

INSTRUCTIONS: Updating Teacher & Staff iPads to iOS 7

If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.
Last Modified on January 31, 2014