• 3.3: Opening & Closing Apps
    DIRECTIONS: Please view the videos below to learn about opening apps to use them and closing apps temporarily or completely.

    Unable to see the videos below? If you are currently at a GISD campus attempting to view this page on an iPad, please follow these instructions to bypass the Lightspeed Filter:
    • Click here. A new tab will open in your web browser.
    • In the new tab, click Not you? in the top left corner of the page.
    • Login with your GISD computer username and password.
    • Close the new tab.
    • Refresh this page. You will now be able to view the video below.

    The first video below quickly demonstrates how to open an app in order to begin using it and how to close it temporarily. Use this method of closing an app if you are going to be accessing it multiple times during the day and want to be able to get to it quickly. Think of the method in this video as minimizing a program on your desktop or laptop computer. The program is still running even though you do not see it open on your computer screen.
    This second video demonstrates how to completely close an app. When apps are closed using the method shown in the first video above, they are still running in the background, taking up memory and draining your battery more quickly. Completely closing apps you are not using frequently during the day as shown below will free up memory for other apps and conserve your battery's charge. Think of the method below as being the same thing as selecting close or quit when exiting a program on a desktop or laptop computer.

     Next After viewing the video above, please proceed to section 3.4 App Security.

Last Modified on August 28, 2014