• Community Service

    Strengthen Your Community - Build Your Character

    Cadets are challenged to serve their community because developing a “Service Ethic” is an important character building experience and a critical component of their citizenship training. In fulfilling their 30 community service hour requirement, NJROTC cadets learn valuable lessons in citizenship, character development and social skills while providing the community with a much needed service. Volunteer work provides an opportunity for cadets to do something that matters, to experience what they can accomplish, and to see firsthand how they can make a difference.

    Performing community service also reinforces a cadet’s sense of responsibility and nurtures compassion and understanding.College admissions officers expect to see community service as part of a student’s extracurricular activities. Every year more and more college scholarships and admissions are influenced by community service and volunteering efforts. Finally,while community service is fun and rewarding, it can also be a great way to gain valuable experience in an area of interest and it can encourage a cadet’s sense of pride and ownership in their community.

    NJROTC Community Service is defined as: providing service to an organization, group of people, or environment for NJROTC purposes without payment. Participating in these services through a different group for the purposes of that group does not count for NJROTC purposes. The three groups of community services are 1) People Oriented Services such as Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, or disaster relief aid. 2) Community Support Services such as air shows help with county/city/state fairs or community organization events. 3) Environmentally Oriented Services such as Adopt-a-Highway clean-up projects, or beautification projects.

    Group Service contrasted with Individual Service activities: In documenting your service, please be careful to distinguish between projects that you participate in with other NJROTC cadets as a group and those than you accomplish individually. This helps in compiling information for the unit’s End of Year Report to insure that all hours are counted and counted only once. Group Service hours should be reported by the unit project officer after successful completion of the event whereas individual service hours are only documented through the cadet service hour report. All cadets in Liberty Battalion are each required to obtain a minimum of 30 hours of community service between 1 April to 28 March of each year. Please note the attached Liberty Battalion Community Service Documentation Form

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