Logging On & Off of a GISD Computer

  • The videos below will demonstrate how to log on and off of a GISD computer. To help ensure data security and efficient network and computer maintenance, it is suggested that you log off of your computer at the end of every working day and shut down your computer on Fridays or on the day before a holiday.

Logging On To A Computer

Logging Off of A Computer

Locking a Computer

  •  Windows-L
    If you step away from your office/classroom to a location where you cannot see if someone is accessing your computer, you need to take steps to protect your documents as well as personal and student data while you are away from your computer.

    t is
    strongly suggested that you simultaneously press the Windows and L keys on your keyboard to lock your computer (see photo at right).

    To access the computer again, you will simply type your computer password in the password field on the monitor to unlock the computer.
Last Modified on July 15, 2013