• How to Sign Up for Remind by SMS!
     Thank you for checking out this page!  Like you, I want to your child to succeed at every endeavor in Language Arts, and I believe that communication between parents and teachers are absolutely essential to your child's success!
    As I'm sure you're aware, sometimes projects, tests, and important dates aren't always reported home!  To help with these instances of miscommunication, I use an app called Remind (https://www.remind.com/).
    Remind allows me to send alerts to all of my students and their parents at once through a text message to their phones.  For example, if my 7th grade students have a project due at the end of the week, parents who sign up for my text message list will receive a text message alerting them 1-2 weeks prior to the due date.  Students will receive occasional reminders to study for a test or to complete a portion of a project prior to class.
    Please note that adding yourself to my mailing list is free of charge, and you will not receive advertisements.  This tool is used solely for communication.   It is also important to know that you will *not* be able to reply to these messages.  If you need to contact me following one of these alerts, you may wish to email me at pinkertonr@georgetownisd.org.
    If you would like to receive these alerts, please download the following documents and follow these very quick and easy instructions.
    Congratulations!  You have successfully signed up for my Remind class!