•  PhotojournalismFlaming Lips— PhotoJ  

    Topics Covered:

    • dSLR cameras

    • Exposure Triangle

    • Composition

    • Lighting

    • Depth of Field

    • Environmental Portraiture

    • Photoshop, InDesign and Print Preparation

    • Famous photographers and history of photography

    • Interviewing

    Student Responsibilities/Expectations:

    - Students will be respectful, attentive and kind to their fellow classmates.

    - Some assignments— particularly photo shoots— will be completed outside of class time. Students should plan transportation needs and homework schedules accordingly. As deadline approaches, if students have incomplete work, they will be required to stay after school to finish.

    - Students who leave class to take photos will wear an ID badge pass. If seen by any staff member doing anything unrelated to the newspaper (goofing around, visiting friends, texting, disrupting classes, etc.) you will lose your privileges to leave class and disciplinary action will be taken.

    - Photo equipment use: Students are encouraged to use their own cameras as school equipment is limited and must be signed out and returned within 48 hours. Students who do not follow the sign out and return policy will not be permitted to use school equipment.

    - Computer use: All school policies for computer use are in effect. Students who misuse or abuse their access to computers will lose their computer privileges. Disciplinary action will follow.

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