• Pre-AP English 1

    To get text message reminders, please send the following text message to 81010.

    Some things you will need to know at the beginning of school:
    • We had a summer reading assignment! Look here if you have questions. You had a choice between  The Book Thief  or A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  When you finish reading the book (I will not check to see if you have annotations since that is a personal choice.), you will need to fill out a Major Works Data Sheet (MWDS).  Please see my attached file below.  The test over your chosen book and your MWDS will be due on Thursday, August 30 (A) or Friday, September 1 (B). We will not review either text in class, so if you read the book in June, I would suggest you review before the test.
    • We will read numerous works this year - so if you don't LOVE TO READ - you might consider changing your perspective on the written word.  Good readers make good writers.  Good writers are successful! 
    • We will work extensively in grammar this year.  I prefer the Charlene Tess Simple Steps to Sentence Sense method.  We begin by identifying different parts of speech to understand what they do in the sentence.  Although a bit tricky, I find the logic of grammar very satisfying.  
    • We will read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho during 2nd semester.  Please purchase or borrow a copy next January.  
    • We will be using Google Classroom often this year.  All of our vocab, our research project, and a few other items will be done digitally, so get ready! To sign in to Google Classroom:
                                                 Username: yourschoolusername@georgetownisd.org
                                                                   (ex: patriotpaul122@georgetownisd.org)
                                                 Password: Your school password 
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