• World Cultures

    In this class, we will focus on cultural aspect of other countries (not the US).

    As a class, we will study many aspects of World Cultures.
     Here is a list of the areas that we will discuss:
    1) Geography
    2) Middle East
    3) Development of Civilization
    4) Government and Economics 
    5) Europe
    8) Asia
    9) Latin America 
    Information to help your student be successful:
    •All notes will be kept in a journal. These notes will be used to prepare for tests. Journals will be graded.
    •If a student is out it is their responsibility to get the make up work. One day for every day they are out to make-up work.
    •I always post homework on my board and on days there is no homework that will be written there as well. I highly encourage assignment  notebooks to record assignments.
    •Colored pencils are used throughout the year so having a box at home would be helpful.
    •Communication is important please call or e-mail me with any issues. 
    PRE-AP: expectations at an accelerated pace, more rigor, more responsibility in and out of class.
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