• Principles of Health Science

    This course is recommended for students interested in a career in health care.  Principles of Health Science provides an overview of the therapeutic, diagnostic,environmental, and support services, and biotechnology research and development systems of the health care industry. To pursue a career in the health service industry, students should learn to reason, think critically, make decisions, solve problems, and communicate effectively. Communication and teamwork are important in exploring all aspects of this class. This class is a prerequisite for Health Science and Practicum in Health Science.

     Course Outline

    • Health Care Systems and History of Health Care

    • Careers in Health Care

    • Personal Qualities of a Health Care worker

    • Legal and Ethical

    • Human Growth and Development

    • Anatomy and Physiology [Body Planes, Directions and Cavities]

    • Basic Medical Terminology

    • Anatomy and Physiology [Skeletal/Muscular Systems]

    • Anatomy and Physiology [Blood/Cardio/Respiratory]

    • Promotion of Safety, First Aid/CPR, Vital Signs and Infection Control

    • Anatomy and Physiology [Digestion]

    • Anatomy and Physiology [Urinary/Reproductive]

    • Cultural Diversity

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