• General Expectations

    In order for your student to be successful in the course, they need to know what will be expected of them each day when they come to class. 

    1. Be Prepared.   Bring all of your supplies for class every day. Get enough rest so you can be mentally and physically prepared to learn. Take care of personal hygiene/toileting items during the passing period.
    2. Show Respect.  Respect your classmates, instructors, and speakers by listening carefully.  Respect their time by being on time. Healthcare is a highly responsible career and being on time is an important skill to learn. Respect the environment and take care of our equipment and facilities (both inside the classroom and out). 
    3. Demonstrate Integrity.  Be honest with yourself and others.  If you need help, let your teacher/friends/parents know so we can come up with a plan to help you.  Do your own work at all times – it is the best way to learn.
    4. Show Dedication.  Participate appropriately - this includes helping with exercises, demonstrations, asking clarifying questions, etc… Inappropriate participation (such as talking during lecture, interrupting others, being out of their seat during lesson, etc…) disrupts learning for you. Invest in your future by attending class with an attitude for learning.  Invest time in your homework to fully understand the concepts presented in class. 
    5. Strive for Excellence.  Strive to achieve your personal best.  Attend tutorials any time you need assistance not just when you are struggling.