10.2.17 - 10.6.17

    Monday: Chapter 6 Review

    Tuesday: Chapter 6 Quiz

    Wednesday: Chapter 7 Vocab SWAT! Game

    Thursday: Chapter 7, Lesson 1 Google Form Activity

    Friday: Student Holiday/Staff Professional Learning Day

    10.9.17 - 10.13.17

    Monday: No School/Columbus Day

    Tuesday: People of the Revolution Gallery Walk

    Wednesday: Revolutionary Buddies

    Thursday: American Revolution Atlas Activity

    Friday: PSAT in the morning / Work on Buddies in afternoon

    10.16.17 - 10.20.17

    Monday: Counselors Meeting with All Classes

    Tuesday: Revolutionary Buddies Presentations

    Wednesday: American Revolution WebQuest

    Thursday: Loyalist v. Patriot Debate Prep

    Friday: Loyalist v. Patriot Debate in All Classes

    10.23.17 - 10.27.17

    Monday: Google Classroom Activity

    Tuesday: Educreations Battle Map

    Wednesday: Revolutionary Era Project

    Thursday: Revolutionary Era Project

    Friday: Revolutionary Era Project


    9.4.17 - 9.8.17

    Monday: No School

    Tuesday: 13 Colonies Map

    Wednesday: Picture Day/ Ch. 3&4 Review sheet

    Thursday: Chapter 3&4 Kahoot Review

    Friday: Chapter 3&4 Quiz

    9.11.17 - 9.15.17

    Monday: Vocabulary Share Out Activity

    Tuesday: Triangular Trade Activity

    Wednesday: Life in the Colonies Stations

    Thursday: Colonial Regions Stations

    Friday: Constitution Day - Bill of Rights Activity


    9.18.17 - 9.22.17

    Monday: French & Indian War Atlas Activity

    Tuesday: Chapter 5 Open Book Assessment

    Wednesday: Story of US: Revolution Episode with Questions

    Thursday: Chapter 6 Vocab PictoWord Activity

    Friday: Causes of the Revolution Banners

    9.25.17 - 9.29.17

    Monday: Causes of the Revolution Banners

    Tuesday: Causes of the Revolution Notes

    Wednesday: Taxation without Representation Activity

    Thursday: Declaration of Independence Analysis

    Friday: 1776 Ye Art

    8.17.17 - 8.18.17

    Thursday: First Day! Icebreaker Activity

    Friday: Syllabus/Journal Set Up

    8.21.17 - 8.25.17

    Monday: CKH Social Contracts/Icebreaker Activity

    Tuesday: 3 G’s of Exploration, Ch. 3 Vocab, Explorers Chart

    Wednesday: Finish Explorers Chart

    Thursday: Ch. 4 Vocabulary/ Chapter 4.1 Doodle Notes

    Friday: 1607 Ye Art

    8.28.17 - 9.1.17

    Monday: Chapter 4.2 Doodle Notes

    Tuesday: 1620 Ye Art

    Wednesday: Chapter 4.3 Doodle Notes

    Thursday: Chapter 4.4 Doodle Notes

    Friday: Story of US: Rebels Episode with Questions