• 7th Grade Pre-AP Mathematics

    Welcome to 7th grade pre-AP mathematics!  This is essentially an 8th grade class with only some 7th grade material included.  Those who are ready by the end of the year will move on to Algebra the next school year.  It is expected that anyone who enters this class has successfully mastered approximately 75% of the 7th grade curriculum in previous years.
    This is a pre-AP class so higher level thinking will be a part of class each and every day.  Our focus will include real numbers, similarity and dilations, proportions, slope, functions, triangles (including Pythagorean Theorem), equations, inequalities, geometry, data analysis, probability, and personal financial literacy.  Homework will be assigned most every day.
    Additional Practice
    If you need additional practice, I have two sites for you.
          This is a subscription site but it does offer some free problems each day.
    I keep the website that you are currently in updated on a regular basis.  I encourage you to check this resource daily.
    I will also use Remind to send notifications.  Click on the link for instructions.

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Current Assignments

    There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

    There are no past due assignments.

  • October 18, 19, 20 - Click here for the notes. The assignment is the last page of the attachment

    On Wednesday, October 18 we took notes related to writing equations in slope intercept form

    The assignment is the Lesson 6 Extra Practice worksheet as well as page 239 (1-7).  you may work directly on the worksheet but the bookwork must be on notebook paper.  Use your notes, the book, and the online videos from ConnectEd (your book online) as a guide.  This assignment is due by the end of the period on Friday, October 20.

    I did not pick up page 199 and page 207 yet.  That will be turned in early in the period of Thursday, October 19.

    I will be absent again Thursday and Friday (I appreciate the thoughts and prayers many of you have spoke of regarding my mother).  Tutorials will resume Monday morning at 8:15 as usual.  Remember, you may also attend the principal's study hall in the library at 8:15 each morning.

    Our test is Wednesday, October 25.  On Friday, the first review will be given at the end of the period.  It is due by the start of the period Tuesday. 

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  • October 16 and 17 - Click here for the notes

    On Monday we took notes regarding proportional relationships and direct variation.  It is recommended that the assignment is started Monday as homework.  On Tuesday, class time to continue the assignment will be provided with a subsitute.  The assignment is due at the start of the period on Wednesday.


    Page 199 (1, 3, 4 ,9)

    page 207 (1-7, 9, 10, 18)


    As usual, your work is to be on notebook paper.  You may use the grids provided in the book though for the few graphs that are required.

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  • October 13

    We have no homework.  Have a great weekend!

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  • October 12

    We describes how the slope of a line relates to similar triangles.

    We corrected yesterday's assignment.  Anyone who needs a second chance may complete page 183 (1-8)

    We did not take "notes" although the book does offer some decent examples.  The assignment is page 191 (1-4).  You may work directly in the book this time.  Please DO NOT tear out the page.

    We will work with Imagine Math tomorrow.  You are welcome to bring headphones is you wish.

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  • October 11 - Click here for the homework

    We determined the slope of a line graphically, with tables, with a formula, and with the equation of a line.  Complete the attached worksheet.

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  • October 10 - Click here for the samples

    Create a situation and resulting page similar to the samples.

    If your last names begins with A-M, then create a proportional situation.

    If your last name begins with N - Z, then create a non-proportional situation.

    Choose an item, a price, and if needed, a starting fee for your situation.

    Use graph paper and use a straightedge.


    Read pages 170 and 171


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  • October 5

    Tests were corrected and then students practiced with Imagine Math.  There is no homework.

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  • October 4

    We had a test today.  Check Skyward for grades.

    We will work with Imagine Math tomorrow.  Bring earbuds if you wish.

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  • October 3 - Review Round 2 with Key

    The test is Wednesday.  Click on the title to see the key for the second review.

    Remember I will also pick up folders and spirals tomorrow.

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  • Review Round 2

    This optional review will be worked on in class Tuesday.  

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  • October 2 - Review Round 1

    Click on the date for review round 1 and the key.  Please be ready to discuss this on Tuesday.

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  • Chapter 6 Bell Ringers

    The bell ringer spirals (and notes too) will be picked up Wednesday, October 2.  Feel free to check your bell ringers against mine.  Remember, if you were absent you are still responsible for the material.  It is part of your make up work.

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  • September 29

    We discussed yesterday's work with inequalities.  This was brief during second and third periods due to an assembly.

    The bonus assignment of Lessons 4 and 5 Homework Practice was provided.  This will replace the lowest daily grade.  This is optional.  Those who complete it are to turn it in Monday.

    The first review was provided.  Time will be given on Moday to work on much of the paper.  It needs to be finished by the start of the period Tuesday.

    The test is Wednesday.

    Remember to click on the date to see the attachment.



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  • September 28

    We solved inequalities.

    Complete the chapter 6 lesson 5 worksheet.

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  • September 27

    We continued to solve multi-step equations.

    Complete page 437 (1-9).  You are to complete any 5 of the 9 problems.  Notice that only questions 4 and 5 will have answers of either "no solution" or of "all real numbers."

    If you click on the date you will find the bell ringer and the notes.

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  • September 26

    We solved multi-step equations.

    Complete the 6.4 Skills Practice worksheet.

    We have a test Wednesday, October 4.

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  • September 25

    We solved equations with variables on both sides.

    Complete the odd of the attached lesson 3 homework practice.  Remember to click on the date to get the attachment.

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  • September 22

    We wrote and solved equations

    Complete the problem solving worksheet on notebook paper.  Write and then solve each equation.

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  • September 21

    We wrote and solved word problems in class.

    Complete the assignment of 6.1 Problem Solving

      Solve each equation (1-8)

      Explain equations 1 and 2

    For example, in question 1:

    What does x stand for?

     What does 5x mean?

     Why was the 1 added?

     Why is this equal to 21?

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  • September 20

    We solved two-step equations.

    You must show the steps, even if you know the answer by guess and check.

    Complete page 405 (1-12)

    Click on the date to see the notes

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  • September 19

    We took a test today.  Check for grades in Skyward.  

    The test will be briefly looked at in class tomorrow.  Students may also view the test and receive help on missed problems at 8:15 many mornings (I do have a meeting tomorrow though).  Anyone who earned lower than a 70% will have until Wednesday, September 27 to complete a retest outside of class.

    We have no homework.

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  • September 18

    We reviewed for tomorrow's test.

    Review 2 with the key is attached.

    I worked out each problem from review 2 in a YouTube video:

    Video of Review

    Review 1 with key is posted on September 15.

    The folder will be turned in tomorrow:

    Front Pocket: Reviews 1 and 2

    Back Pocket: Old, graded homework


    Cover Page

    Decimals   8/24

    Integers    8/25

    Fractions   8/28

    Real Number System   9/5

    1.2 Powers and Exponents   9/6

    1.3 Negative Exponents   9/7

    Scientific Notation Graphic Organizer

    1.4 Scientific Notation   9/8

    1.5 Roots Handout   9/11

    1.5 Roots   9/11

    1.6 Estimate Roots   9/13

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  • September 15

    The review round 1 was worked on in class.  Most problems should be finished by now.  What is not, is homework.

    Notice that the first key is included (except for question 30)

    Review round 2 is due Tuesday.  Class time will be provided unless the questions regarding the first review takes too much time.

    The reviews are excellent indications of what to expect of my tests.

    The test is Tuesday.

    The notes are due Tuesday.

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  • Bell Ringers Through September 14

    Bell ringers are due tomorrow.  Click on the title above for the attachment if you need to make sure you have all you need.

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  • September 14

    In class:

    Compare and order numbers

    Classificaiton of numbers in the real number system (with a focus on critical thinking)

    Assignment: Chapter 1 Review - due Monday

    The test is Tuesday, September 19

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