• 7th Grade Pre-AP Mathematics

    Welcome to 7th grade pre-AP mathematics!  This is essentially an 8th grade class with only some 7th grade material included.  Those who are ready by the end of the year will move on to Algebra the next school year.  It is expected that anyone who enters this class has successfully mastered almost all of the 7th grade curriculum in previous years.
    This is a pre-AP class so higher level thinking will be a part of class each and every day.  Our focus will include real numbers, similarity and dilations, proportions, slope, functions, triangles (including Pythagorean Theorem), equations, inequalities, geometry, data analysis, probability, and personal financial literacy.  Homework will be assigned most every day.
    Additional Practice
    If you need additional practice, I have three sites for you.
          This is a subscription site but it does offer some free problems each day.
    I keep the website that you are currently in updated on a regular basis.  I encourage you to check this resource daily.
    I will also use Remind to send notifications.  Click on the link for instructions.

    About Attachments

    If an attachment is included below, please click on the DATE to download that attachment.  If you see an icon to the left of the date, there is an attachment.  If you do not see an icon then there is no date. 
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