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GISD Bond 2015  

On August 17, 2015, the Georgetown ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to call a bond election that will be held November 3, 2015. The bond package was developed and recommended by the district’s Citizens Advisory Committee, which represents a cross section of the community, including local citizens, civic and business leaders, parents and school staff.

The bond package, totaling $160.6 million, includes construction of new district facilities, renovations and improvements to existing facilities, increased safety and security, technology upgrades, and other district-wide improvements.
 Middle School #4  $27,000,000
 New Purl Elementary $31,400,000
 Tippit Middle School $26,100,000
 Georgetown High School - Phase 2 $23,400,000
 Williams Elementary
   Convert to Administration Office/Professional Learning Center 
 Safety and Security
   Secured Entries at Five Elementary Schools
   Additional Surveillance Cameras at Necessary Campuses 
 Technology - Infrastructure Upgrades $12,700,000

   Repair/Replace Roofs, Parking Lots, and Drives
   Repair/Replace HVAC Systems and Gym Lighting 
 Athletics - Replace Turf at GISD Athletic Complex $1,230,000
 TOTAL $160,600,000
If approved, the estimated maximum tax impact of this bond is anticipated to be 5 cents for a total tax rate of up to $1.45 per $100 assessed value. For the average taxable home value of $252,058, this represents an increase of approximately $10.50 per month.

Early Voting: October 19- 30, 2015
Election Day: November 3, 2015