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    2 / 3 / 18 - The GTCG 2018 Winterguards competed at the 1st contest of the season.  The JV competed in the Novice Class and won 1st place, while the Varsity won 2nd in the Scholastic National A Class!!!  Awesome Job ladies and gentleman!!!
    1 / 11 / 18 - The GTCG is gearing up to Tryout Season.  Tryouts for the 2018 - 2019 Georgetown High School Colorguard will be held in April...however, the time to start thinking about joining is NOW!!!!  When you're signing up for classes on your choice sheets, sign up for COLORGUARD and you'll be set!!!  We will be having a table at the Elective Fair here at GHS on January 30th, as well as visiting the Middle Schools in February.  We hope you are wanting to join our team!!!  If you might be interested...fill out the TRYOUT ITEREST FORM found HERE.
    1 / 11 / 18 - The GTCG 2018 Winterguard Season is in FULL SWING!!!  Music tracks for both VARSITY and JV teamsis now can be found in the CURRENT SEASON section, as well as photos of Show Shirts and Costumes!!!  For the competition season schedule for the 2 winterguard teams, please click on the UPCOMING EVENTS section.  Contest Itineraries will be found in the CONTEST ITINERARIES section.   
    10 / 13 / 17 - Do you think this might be for you when you come to GHS???  The 2018 - 2019 GTCG WANTS YOU!!!!!  Go HERE and submit your information so that we can stay in touch with you so we can get you on board for next year!!!!  You can also click on the AUDITION INFORMATION section to the left.
    8 / 27 / 17 - The 2017-2018 GTCG is going to be traveling to Dayton, OH in April of 2018 to compete in the WGI World Championships.  If you would like to support our efforts and make a donation to help the students attend this once in a lifetime opportunity, please click the WGI DONATIONS link. 
    8 / 25 / 17 - The 2017-2018 GTCG Handbook and Signature Page Sheet is posted up on the FILES AND FORMS  Page. 
      / 16 / 16 - The GTCG has been working REALLY hard this entire summer!!!!  Today is the last day of summer band!!!!  Looking forward to our first performance on 8/27 in Waco!!!! 
    summer band photos  
    5 / 3 / 16 - CONGRATULATIONS to the 22 ladies (and 1 gentleman) that were chosen as members of the 2016 - 2017 GHS COLORGUARD!!!!  Congratulations to all of you !!!!
    GHS  COLORGUARD !!!!!!!! 
    AUS Finalist    SA Finalist