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On August 6, 2012 - The Georgetown ISD Board of Trustees adopted an order calling for a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) to be held on Tuesday, October 9th. The TRE, if approved by voters, would generate approximately $2.1 million of additional local taxpayer and State revenue for the district. “Georgetown ISD’s funding has been reduced by over $7.2 million in the past two years” explained Superintendent Joe Dan Lee. “We have decreased our budget by over $7.5 million and are at the point that any more reductions will impact student programs and services. The $2.1 million generated by the TRE should help us maintain the level and quality of our current student programs through the next two years.”

The Texas Legislature has slashed school funding by $5.4 billion over a two year period. Georgetown ISD’s share of that reduction was $7.2 million. The district has also seen a decrease in monies received through Federal entitlements. As operational costs increased and revenues plummeted, the District underwent the painful task of eliminating over 200 employee positions, instituting a salary and benefits freeze which is now in its third year, eliminating all major capital purchases, and reducing virtually every line item in the District’s budget.

By law, school districts in Texas are allowed to tax up to $1.04 per $100 of property value for the district’s maintenance and operations (General Fund). Tax dollars collected are supplemented with State and Federal funds, although, those funds have become less and less. With voter approval, a school district can add an additional 13 cents to the current tax rate. The TRE called by the Board of Trustees today is asking the voters to approve an additional four pennies for a total General Fund tax rate of $1.08 per $100 of property valuation. With a 4 cent tax increase, taxpayers will contribute $2,139,605. If you add State monies to what GISD taxpayers will provide, the District will net a total of $2,180,174 to its General Fund.

The October 9th Tax Ratification Election, if approved by voters, will not increase the tax rate for those citizens over 65 or disabled who have had their taxes frozen. The proposed TRE tax levy impact on a $100,000 home will be $40 annually and $3.33 monthly. A $500,000 business will see a TRE tax levy impact of $200 per year or $16.67 per month. 

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