McCoy Elementary Faculty & Staff Directory

The main phone line at McCoy Elementary is 512-943-5030. To reach staff members directly, dial 512-943-5000 and enter the extension numbers shown below.

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Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Askew Jennifer Teacher, Kindergarten 8426
Beaver Susan Teacher, 3rd Grade 8453
Bertucci Tina Teacher - GT 8445
Boone Rhonda Interventionist 8464
Brown Vicki Teacher, 1st Grade 8431
Brummer Nick PE Coach 8408
Bunik Rosie Principal's Secretary 8400
Cain Judy Teacher, ILC 8410
Cascio Maribel Teacher - 4th Grade 8462
Childs Cathy Teacher-5th Grade 8466
Cox Amy Teacher, 3rd Grade 8450
Dabbs Tiffani Teacher, 2nd 8439
Daniel Kim Teacher, Kindergarten 8425
Dreibrodt Bregitta Teacher, 4th Grade 8461
Eichel Ana Teacher, 4th Grade 8460
Friedrich Beth Secretary, Special Education 8404
Gandy Meredith Assistant Principal 5037
Garcia Mimi Paraprofessional - istation/intervention 8465
Grimes Stephanie Teacher, Kindergarten 8423
Guerra Tara Teacher, 5th Grade 8467
Haynes Susan Teacher, 5th Grade 8462
Herrin Kristi Resource Paraprofessional 8447
Hill Heather Teacher, 3rd Grade 8454
Hixon Wendy Paraprofessional, ILC 8421
Holmstrom Jennifer Teacher, Kindergarten 8422
Houston Jennifer Teacher, 5th Grade 8470
Johnsen Cristal Teacher, Resource 8446
Johnson Debra Teacher, 1st Grade 8433
King Melanie Teacher, 4th Grade 8458
Kleen Deb PEIMS Secretary 8401
Krupp Misty Resource Aide 8446
Lambright Kacee Teacher, 3rd Grade 8452
Landry Sharon P.E. Coach 8408
Marion Amanda Para-ILC 8410
McEntire Ruth Music Teacher 8411
Moeller Heather Counselor 5032
Oliver Becky Teacher - Resource - K-2 8421
Pernicka Michelle Teacher, 3rdGrade 8451
Pierce Janae Librarian 5033
Porter Ellen Teacher, 5th Grade 8467
Rees Paula Teacher, Dyslexia 8444
Richards Kelly Teacher, 1st Grade 8432
Ruiz Roel Paraprofessional, ILC 8418
Schneider Amy Teacher, 2nd Grade 8435
Schovajsa Lisa Teacher, 1st Grade 8430
Shanklin Anitra Paraprofessional, ILC 8410
Smiley Becky Art Teacher 8457
Smith Lori Teacher, 2nd Grade 8437
Sobey Hillary Teacher, 2nd Grade 8438
Staton Carol Paraprofessional 8448
Stephenson Paula Teacher, 1st Grade 8428
Stone Kim Teacher, 4th Grade 8459
Storie Tyra Principal 5035
Tschatschula Amanda Teacher, Resource 8418
Vineyard Lindsay Nurse 5031
Vowels Lindsey Teacher, Kindergarten 8424
Wenzel Kathleen Aide, ILC 8422
Windham Sarah Speech 8405
Wright Lisa Teacher, Interventionist 8436