Tippit Middle School Faculty & Staff Directory

  • The main phone line for Tippit Middle School is 512-943-5040. 
    To reach teachers directly, dial 512-943-5000 and enter the extension number shown below.
Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Barrett Holly Counselor (Last names M-Z) 6464 BarrettH@Georgetownisd.org
Berte Shirley ESL Paraprofessional 6484 bertes@georgetownisd.org
Blankenship Robin Science: 8th Grade & Content Lead 6444 blankenshipr@georgetownisd.org
Boswell Tamara Special Education Paraprofessional 6484 boswellt1@georgetownisd.org
Boswell Tim Social Studies: 7th Grade 6474 boswellt@georgetownisd.org
Brantley Tracy Athletics: 7th & 8th Grades; ELAR: 7th Grade 6434 / 6476 BrantleyT@Georgetownisd.org
Brown Ashley Science: 6th Grade 6440 browna@georgetownisd.org
Brown Marcelle Art 6471 brownm@Georgetownisd.org
Carr Lisa Speech Pathologist 6411 CarrL@Georgetownisd.org
Coburn-Shiflett Cori Digital Learning Coach 6083 coburnc@georgetownisd.org
Collins Iesha Athletics: 7th & 8th Grades; Social Studies: 6th Grade 6495 collinsi@georgetownisd.org
Coulson Sarah ELAR: 6th Grade 6446 CoulsonS@Georgetownisd.org
Davila Joyce Special Education Paraprofessional 6484 DavilaJ@Georgetownisd.org
Dawson Brian Principal 5045 DawsonB@georgetownisd.org
Dedeyan Amy Math: 6th Grade 6414 dedeyana@georgetownisd.org
Delgado Natalie Social Studies Teacher 6455 delgadon1@georgetownisd.org
Dempsey Chad Athletics/PE: 6th - 8th Grades & Boys' Coordinator 6433 dempseychad@georgetownisd.org
Dempsey Christy Math: 7th Grade 6482 dempseyc@georgetownisd.org
Edmondson Marcus Athletics/PE: 6th - 8th Grades 6446 EdmondsonM@georgetownisd.org
Farrow Justin Orchestra 6491 farrowj@georgetownisd.org
Ferrell Linda ELAR: 6th Grade 6478 ferrelll1@Georgetownisd.org
Germain Marla Assistant Principal (Last names A - L) 6415 germainm@georgetownisd.org
Gonzalez Leslie ESL Paraprofessional 6471 gonzalezl2@georgetownisd.org
Gray Amy Science: 8th Grade 6498 graya@georgetownisd.org
Harris Angela Athletics/PE: 7th & 8th Grades; Health 6434 harrisa@georgetownisd.org
Hendricks Jana Special Education Administrative Assistant 6406 hendricksj@Georgetownisd.org
Henley Kim Social Studies: 6th Grade 6441 HenleyK@georgetownisd.org
Hill Lisa Band 6486 HillL@georgetownisd.org
Hughes Jennifer Special Education: 6th - 8th Grades 6458 HughesJ@Georgetownisd.org
Janowski Michelle ELAR: 6th & 7th Grades 6447 JanowskiM@georgetownisd.org
Jewell William Math: 8th Grade & Algebra 6459 JewellW@georgetownisd.org
Kalka Kelly Dyslexia 6419 kalkak@georgetownisd.org
Kee Kollette ESL: Teacher & Campus Coordinator 6470 Keek@georgetownisd.org
Killingsworth Theresa Choir 6492 killingswortht@georgetownisd.org
Klickman Brooke Math: 6th Grade 6463 klickmanb@georgetownisd.org
Kozak Tasha Special Education Counselor 6411 kozakt@georgetownisd.org
Kresser Kelly Counselor (Last names A-L) 5047 kresserk@georgetownisd.org
Krider-Guerra Tori Social Studies: 8th Grade & Content Lead; Design Coach 6472 potocnykriderl@georgetownisd.org
Labay Debbie Principal's Administrative Assistant 6425 labayd@georgetownisd.org
Little Billy Special Education Paraprofessional 6445 littleb@georgetownisd.org
Little Dana Math: 7th Grade & Content Lead; Interventions Coordinator 6453 littled@georgetownisd.org
Marek Renee ELAR: 8th Grade 6467 MarekK@georgetownisd.org
Marro Joe Science: 7th Grade 6420 marroj@georgetownisd.org
McQuevey Jermy KickStart Kids Instructor 6442
Mesa Maria Career Technology Education 6436 mesam@Georgetownisd.org
Meurer Jessica Art 6457 meurerj@georgetownisd.org
Michalka Terri PE/Health: 6th - 8th Grades; Media Publications 6483/6434 michalkat@georgetownisd.org
Mouser Jana Cafeteria Manager 943-5044 mouserj@georgetownisd.org
Murphy Ashley Special Education: 6th - 8th Grades & Content Lead 6445 murphya@georgetownisd.org
Payne Suzanne ELAR: 6th & 7th Grades 6438 paynes@georgetownisd.org
Pearce Camela Science: 7th & 8th Grades 6439 pearcec@georgetownisd.org
Peterson Amy Special Education Diagnostician 6407 petersona@georgetownisd.org
Petty Mindy Nurse & Wellness Coordinator 5041 pettym@georgetownisd.org
Pickard Michelle Science: 6th Grade 6466 pickardm@georgetownisd.org
Pierce Mick Band 6497 PierceM@georgetownisd.org
Prince Cap Social Studies: 7th Grade 6473 PrinceC@georgetownisd.org
Ramirez Renee Librarian 5043 ramirezr1@georgetownisd.org
Rembert Molly Math: 7th & 8th Grades 6442 RembertM@Georgetownisd.org
Reyes Amanda Athletics/PE: 6th - 8th Grades; Healthy Lifestyles 6434 maysa@georgetownisd.org
Rios Emily Science: 6th & 7th Grades 6417 riose@georgetownisd.org
Roig Lauren Athletics/ PE 6476 roigl@georgetownisd.org
Salyer Melinda Attendance Clerk 6421 salyerm@georgetownisd.org
Scott Nels Athletics 7th boys scottn@georgetownisd.org
Smiley Kate Math: 6th Grade & Algebra 6485 smileyk@georgetownisd.org
Smith Lauri ELAR: 7th & 8th Grades 6461 smithla@georgetownisd.org
Spangler Jane Front Office Administrative Assistant 6429 SpanglerJ@georgetownisd.org
Temprovich Kara Special Education Paraprofessional 6484 temprovichk@georgetownisd.org
Torres-Rivera Natalie Spanish 6455 torresriveran@georgetownisd.org
Tubbs Kaily ELAR: 7th Grade & Content Lead; Instructional Coach 6403 tubbsk@georgetownisd.org
Turowski Sarah School Resource Officer 6423 turowskis@georgetownisd.org
Veloz Samara Discipline Administrative Assistant 6428 VelozE@georgetownisd.org
Virnig Samantha Assistant Principal (Last Names M - Z) 6416 virnigs@georgetownisd.org
Von Kennel Carolina Math 6427 vonkennelc@georgetownisd.org
Waggoner Diane Registrar & PEIMS Clerk 6408 waggonerd@georgetownisd.org