Pickett Elementary Faculty & Staff Directory

Staff Email & Phone Directory

Please note: During regular school hours, you will be sent directly to the staff members voice mail with the exception of an emergency.
Last Name First Name Title Extension Email
Abbott Nicole Reading Interventionist 6533 AbbottN@georgetownisd.org
Arnold Karin ILC Special Ed Teacher 6539 arnoldk@georgetownisd.org
Bacelis Rocio PEIMS/Registrar 6510 BacelisR@georgetownisd.org
Baker Samantha Paraprofessional 6521 bakers2@georgetownisd.org
Barr Karen Paraprofessional - PE 6516 BarrK@georgetownisd.org
Brown Ilissa Teacher - Kindergarten 6547 browni@georgetownisd.org
Brown Jenifer Teacher-Dyslexia 6518 BrownJ@georgetownisd.org
Burkham Deanna Paraprofessional 6524 BurkhamD@georgetownisd.org
Byers Sherrie Teacher-3rd Grade 6538 ByersS@georgetownisd.org
Camacho Shirley Counselor 5052 camachos@georgetownisd.org
Cantu Lisa Teacher-5th grade 6528 CantuL@georgetownisd.org
Carter Susan Teacher-4th grade 6523 CarterSu@georgetownisd.org
Crawford Stacy Teacher-1st Grade 6520 Crawfords2@georgetownisd.org
Curtis Emily Librarian 5053 CurtisE@georgetownisd.org
Daniels Brynne Paraprofessional 6521 danielsb@georgetownisd.org
Davis Christine Teacher-5th grade 6537 DavisC@georgetownisd.org
Del Bosque Colten Paraprofessional 6531 delbosquec@georgetownisd.org
Dillard Beverly Paraprofessional 6525 DillardB@georgetownisd.org
Edmondson Shelby Nurse 5051 edmondsons@georgetownisd.org
Fagan Karen Teacher - Sp.Ed. - All 6525 FaganK@georgetownisd.org
Flatau Jack Teacher-PE 6516 FlatauJ@georgetownisd.org
Fowler Claudia Cafeteria Cashier 6544 FowlerC@georgetownisd.org
Gohil Nandini Teacher - ILC 6521 gohiln@georgetownisd.org
Gustofson Karen Sp.Ed. Secretary Pickett/Purl 6505 gustofsonk@georgetownisd.org
Hedtke Kimberly Teacher-2nd Grade 6530 HedtkeK@georgetownisd.org
Helfrich Victoria Teacher - 3rd grade 6529 helfrichv@georgetownisd.org
Jez Desiree Assistant Principal 5057 jezd@georgetownisd.org
Jimenez Esperanza Cafeteria Manager 5054 JimenezE@georgetownisd.org
Jones Annette Speech 6514 jonesa@georgetownisd.org
Kearney Mark Teacher-5th Grade 6527 KearneyM@georgetownisd.org
Kolstad Sherry Teacher - PPCD/PK 6548 KolstadS@georgetownisd.org
Kurowski Rebecca Teacher - Music 6541 kurowskir@georgetownisd.org
Mannan James Teacher-PreK 6524 MannanJ@georgetownisd.org
Markee Jennifer Teacher - 4th grade 6518 markeej@georgetownisd.org
Marker Kristy Teacher - 4th Grade 6545 MarkerK@georgetownisd.org
Murphy Kelly Teacher-Kindergarden 6532 MurphyK@georgetownisd.org
Nolen Rebecca Teacher-3rd grade 6549 NolenR@georgetownisd.org
Organ Danielle Teacher-1st Grade 6561 organd@georgetownisd.org
Ramback Natalia Principal 5055 RambackN@georgetownisd.org
Robles Cynthia Teacher-Sp.Ed.-All 6536 roblesc@georgetownisd.org
Rodriguez Robin YMCA After School Site Director 5056 robinrodriguez1013@gmail.com
Sanford Amanda Paraprofessional 6539 SanfordA@georgetownisd.org
Schultz Callen Teacher - 2nd grade 6534 schultzc@georgetownisd.org
Seaback Suzanne Paraprofessional 6539 seabacks@georgetownisd.org
Stott Carolyn Math Interventionist 6519 StottCa@georgetownisd.org
Swearingen Olivia Speech Therapist 6514 swearingeno@georgetownisd.org
Thompson-Marino Terry Diagnostician Pickett/Purl 6502 thompsonmarinot@georgetownisd.org
Torres Tonya Occupational Therapist 4720 TorresT@georgetownisd.org
Trevino Maria Principal Secretary 6506 trevinom@georgetownisd.org
Tucker Tracy Paraprofessional 6524 TuckerT@georgetownisd.org
Vandergriff Christine Paraprofessional 6539 Vandergriffc@Georgetownisd.org
Vandergriff-Karim Jasmine Teacher- ILC 6531 vandergriffkarimj@georgetownisd.org
Vrba Kellie Paraprofessional - PPCD/PK 6548 vrbak@georgetownisd.org
Wilson Betsy Teacher - APE 6522 wilsone@georgetownisd.org
Wolfe Victoria Teacher - Art 6542 wolfev@georgetownisd.org
Zinsmeyer Cara Teacher- G/T 6543 ZinsmeyerC@georgetownisd.org