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Parking Permits and Textbooks

Parking: Parking permits will be sold before school between 8:00-8:30 A.M. and after school until 4:30 P.M. in the Annex (North) Office. Proof of current insurance, driver's license, $30 payment (cash or check accepted), and completed permit application (including license plate number) are required to purchase a permit.
Permit applications are available in the Annex Office. Permits for additional vehicles are $5 and will require an additional permit application and proof of current insurance. If a permit has been issued and it is necessary to park another vehicle on campus temporarily, please pick up a temporary parking tag in the Annex  office.
Repeated violations for no parking permit will result in school discipline (GHS Parking Policy). After purchasing a new parking permit, please remove any old permits.
IMPORTANT:  Vehicles which are continually without a current parking permit and/or are improperly parked will be booted and/or towed at vehicle owner’s expense. Removal of the boot will be $20 for the first offense in the school year, $30 for the second offense, and $50 for the third and each subsequent offense (Violations for no current parking permit- BOOT REMOVAL FEE IS IN ADDITION TO THE COST OF THE PERMIT). If boot removal has not been paid for and boot has not been removed by 4:30 P.M. on the same school day, the vehicle will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense for safe storage until owner can retrieve the vehicle. REPEATED VIOLATIONS WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF PARKING PRIVILEGES WITH NO REFUND.

Textbooks: After Sept. 1, Please come to the South Office to request textbooks. Textbooks will be ready for pick-up in the South Office on Friday of each week.  Until Sept. 1, the textbook room will be open before school and during all lunches for textbook checkout.