• New frequently asked questions will be added to this web page as information is available.

    If you have other questions not addressed in this FAQ, please check your child’s campus plan on their home page.

General FAQ

  • Will there be COVID-19 testing for staff and students?

  • Will there be temperature checks before entering school each day?

  • Will students and staff be required to wear masks?

  • How do I enroll my child for in-person or remote learning from home?

  • What does the school day schedule look like? When do I drop off or pick up my child?

  • Will YMCA be available for after-school care for elementary students this fall?

  • What is the process for students to change their schedule after the start of the school year?

  • How can I indicate a change in enrollment preference (from on-campus to remote learning and vice versa)?

  • Will students automatically be enrolled according to their choice? How will we receive confirmation of our selection from the district?

  • I started the enrollment process but have not yet received confirmation. When can I expect to hear more?

  • How do I know if I'm the primary contact in Skyward?

  • My student was elected to student council last year. What do those programs look like in the coming year? Can my child still participate as planned?

  • Will all students be held accountable to the same grading standards?

  • I have more than one student who I anticipate to be learning remotely. What support is the district able to offer to help parents support their remote learners?

  • Do attendance and truancy laws apply to remote learning this fall?

Technology FAQ

  • I keep hearing that Georgetown will be a 1:1 district and have a device for every student. Will my child be issued a Chromebook?

  • When can families check out a device for the school year?

  • Will Internet hotspots be available for use again this fall? How can I check one out for my family?

  • We have Chromebooks at home already for our students. Can we still use these for remote learning?

  • If we choose to use our own devices at home, are there any limitations to applications or programs?

  • Will learning apps be pre-installed on student devices?

  • If we use our own devices at home, are there limitations on how we can contact teachers and access virtual sessions?

  • Is the district able to provide technical support to remote learners?

Remote Learning FAQ

  • Will grading and course loads be the same as they were after Spring Break?

  • Will P.E., Art and Music be offered at the elementary level during remote instruction?

  • If students opt for remote instruction, can they still participate in athletics and extra-curriculars?

  • Will parents still need to purchase items from the school supply list if they're signing up for remote learning to continue after September 10th?

  • Will remote instruction be taught be certified teachers?

  • What does physical education look like for remote learners?

  • Will all electives be offered for both remote and on-campus learners?

  • How will attendance be recorded?

  • Can my child who is learning at home be counted for attendance if we are not able to help him/her log and complete school work until until late in the day?

  • My child has dyslexia? How will the district provide services in a remote setting?

  • What does ILC look like in a remote setting?

In-person Instruction FAQ

  • Are students and staff required to wear masks?

  • My child has a learning disability. How can I get apply for a mask exemption for him/her?

  • Will there be temperature checks before entering school each day?

  • Will there be COVID-19 testing for staff and students?

  • What if my child attends school in-person and gets sick, or someone in his/her class gets sick?

  • If there are limited in-building capacities, how will students be chosen?

  • Will Special Education students receive preferences for in-building instruction?

  • Will Dual Language students be given preference to be educated in person?

Services FAQ

  • Will buses/transportation be available?

  • Will lunch service be available to students learning at home?

  • How will the district support students’ social-emotional wellness?

  • How are you planning to provide OT, PT and ST remotely?

Safety FAQ

  • What safety protocols will be taken inside buildings?

  • Sanitizing supplies are hard to find in stores. Is the district prepared for the start of school?

  • What happens if a student or staff member tests positive?

  • If a child shows signs of illness and is sent home, will their sibling who attends the same school also be sent home?

  • What are the protocols for shutting down and for how long?

  • Will the district or a campus be shut down if a positive COVID case is identified?

  • Where can we access free testing if we have been exposed to a positive COVID case?

  • Will masks be required during recess?

  • What if a child has a health condition and is advised not to wear a face mask?

  • Will the district provide personal protection equipment (PPE) including masks for students and staff?

  • What does social or physical distance look like during (lunch, class, before/after school, etc.)?

  • Will students eat lunch in classrooms or the cafeteria? What safety protocols will be in place to help with physical distancing?

  • Some hand sanitzers contain almond oil which can be problematic for people with nut oils. Are the hand sanitizers being provided at campuses free of this and other top allergens?

Staff FAQ

  • Are staff scheduled to return to on-site work?

  • How can I be sure that my safety is being considered as I return to work?

  • If I have health concerns about returning to work, can I request accommodations?

  • Are students and staff required to wear masks?

  • What if I’ve been exposed to, or test positive for, COVID-19? Will I be required to use my sick leave if I am required to take time off due to exposure?

  • What if I am teaching school in-person and I get sick, or someone in my class gets sick?

  • If I can’t work for any reason, do I need to apply for leave to be absent from work?

  • What if I need to discuss or change my health insurance, or other benefits?

  • What if my child’s home district is offering remote learning only and I need to be at home to supervise?

  • How will Georgetown ISD utilize substitute teachers?

  • Do we anticipate a shortage of substitute teachers?

  • What should I consider if I have travel plans?

  • What if I’m struggling with stress, anxiety, or other mental health concerns?

  • How can I get information about what’s happening in the District?

  • When will Eagle Wings be open?

  • Does the district anticipate any layoffs due to decreased enrollment/funding?

Extra Curricular

  • Will fine arts programs be offered (band, orchestra, choir, etc.)?

  • How will the Dual Language program operate remotely?

  • Will choir be offered at the elementary level?

  • Do we anticipate any changes to cheerleaders being involved in athletic programs?